Today, people take social media platforms for granted and do everything via it. Well, it’s not a bad thing to do! When the audience is connected on the social media platforms, then it’s best to post everything there to reach the audience. However, it’s very important to build a good social media marketing strategy. You need to focus from the very beginning if you want to get success in your business. If you are an entrepreneur with digital and social media marketing, Woofy is the ultimate solution for you!

Woofy helps to create a seamless, smarter, and innovative social media marketing experience by maximizing efficiencies as well. It helps small businesses and professionals to compete in this digital world by eliminating their time-wasting grunt work so that they can spend more time on doing work which is worth for their business. Once you Sign Up on the webpage, Woofy teaches you how, what, and when to post, treating you like a new buddy. It lets you post the content on the social media platforms through its powerful Artificial Intelligence marketing, voice driven technology and using a strong compliance engine unlike any other marketing tools in the industry.

The main objective of Woofy is to support the entrepreneurs with digital and social media marketing. Woofy platform is very creative, the designing is awesome and the dashboard is color blind friendly which differentiates it from the other platforms. It’s color-coded dashboard offers everything you need to easily manage your social media marketing at a common place. It supports Instagram Posting, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Linked In Profiles, Linked In Groups, Linked In Pages and Twitter. You can plan, track and invite your team to collaborate.

With Woofy, you can customise the settings to suit your needs. You can add as many social media accounts with it and turn the posting on or off for any reason. You can create campaigns, navigate the platform, or add hashtags to your content using simple voice commands. It takes just a few clicks to create campaigns by selecting your social media account, time and content from its library and it’s done! You will be able to add content via RSS feeds or import with URLs and build a flexible content Library. You can easily add content by uploading images or spreadsheet with multiple posts and sort into customizable categories. You can track the engagement of people on the campaigns such as comments, likes,  and shares.

You can discover the content and browse articles that you need for your business in the search section which has been organised by various topics and interests. You can add them easily to your content library to schedule a campaign for later as well! Moreover, you can create impressive graphics for your social media posts with easy to use tools and customizable professional templates. In short, what I want to say is the Woofy is the complete package for all your social media marketing needs!

It’s free for 14 days once you schedule a demo and charges you later on @ monthly, half yearly or yearly.

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