Are you looking for a fast and reliable SERP scraping tool for your business? If you want to build an application and want Search engine result pages from different sources by scraping them manually, then it might be a difficult task. It requires a lot of efforts to do and consumes a lot of time as well. For this, an API must be needed for fetching the results from different sources. Serp Proxy Provides you Google Search API for scraping serps in the most reliable way!

Yes, Serp Proxy lets you find the Google searches results in real-time. The Google Search API gets the search engine result pages and convert them into the machine and human readable JSON format. It’s totally free of cost so there is no need of any credit card. You can make 50 API calls in a month for free.

To start with Serp Proxy, you need to Sign Up and then begin the search process! You need to simply enter what you want to search such as a keyword, location, domain and language and you will get the result pages related to your query. This API offers several other parameters that you can use to make your search more specific. This is a demo only, the whole list of parameters is provided in the Documentation. It will help you to easily integrate the code into your software application or website.

Features of SERP PROXY:

  • SERP API is powered by a strong infrastructure.
  • It provides you enough performance to handle highest request volumes.
  • It lets you access to the top-100 organic search results, as well as places, ads, rich snippets and all other Google search modules.
  • It provides one of the fastest Serp scraping services.
  • It provides results that are highly accurate.
  • It makes the Serp Scraping easy and highly scalable.
  • It enables you to obtain location based and geolocated search engine results. 

Overall, Serp Proxy is the innovative and Brilliant solution for the people who want to scrape SERPs in the most easiest way without wasting their time in doing it manually.

So if you own a business or want to build an application and need SERPs from a variety of sources, Serp Proxy is the one and only solution to bring all that you need. It’s a fast, reliable and efficient tool for getting the SERPs easily in no time. You can drop us an email if you have any questions regarding the app. The team is zenserp will send you a quick reply as soon as possible and will solve all your queries!

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Pros: fast and reliable tool; scrape SERPs easily; a useful tool for business; easily integrate in your application; free of cost.

Cons: none.

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