Do you own a business or sell products online or offline or do anything else where customers are involved? There are a lot of risks involved while doing any business, but, if you are on the right track and keep your customers in mind, you can succeed a lot in it. It’s very necessary to know about your customer and get feedback from them. What your customers think about your products and services whether it’s a positive review or negative review! Both the reviews matter a lot for a businessman.

An analysis can be performed over the reviews scraped from the products on a particular app or website. Such a study helps in identifying the user’s emotion towards a particular product. You can use review scraping for getting reviews about the products, their pricing, user opinions, understanding the needs of the customer and following up on the trend. So, there is an API for scraping reviews easily. It’s known as Review API.

Scraping all the reviews from the different websites is a difficult task to do which requires a lot of efforts. You can’t copy a review one by one and then use them in your application. There should be an all in one code to get them all. Review API is the best platform that help you track the reviews online and you will get to know about your customer’s taste and opinion. You can reach new heights and get success in your business if you consider the reviews of your customers. So this API fetches reviews from Google, Yelp, Product Hunt and Trip advisor in the JSON format. You can easily integrate this format in your website or application that you need to build. You can manage your brand easily with the help of reviews online in a fast and reliable way.

Review API helps you to scrape reviews from more than 30 sources which is not easier if you do it manually. You can get more understanding about your products, your customers and analyze them to improve your business. Although, a negative review always leaves a positive impact on your business because you will get to know the imperfections of your business and take the right decisions over it. So Review API is the brilliant alternative to get reviews online.

Review API is available for free as well as 4 affordable plans to get started! These are: Small, Medium, Large and Very large plan which costs: $24, $60, $140 and $310 respectively. They all are billed monthly and the number search requests, HTTPS encryption, Support, SLA, onboarding varies in all of them. It’s up to you which plan you want to choose and they all can be upgraded, downgraded or terminated whenever you wish. Whenever you have any queries on Review API, you can contact our supporting team and send them a mail at They are always ready to help you!

So, I recommend to use Review API if you own a business and need to scrape reviews online! It’s the best choice ever!