Emails are great tools for blogging because they increase site traffic, on-page activity, and average visit length, all of which boost your search rankings. You can take several approaches to bridge the gap between blogging and email marketing and improve your results.

Boost Traffic with Emails

Keeping your audience up to date on special offers and new blog content is critical. It appears to be a no-brainer strategy for increasing website traffic, but most businesses overlook it.

Write an email that includes a link to an article and a summary that entices your subscribers to learn more.

If the content on your firm’s blog is valuable and well-researched, you may be able to turn readers into part-time link builders. There is a good chance that your list includes bloggers, industry experts, and thought leaders.

They frequently subscribe to newsletters in the hope of finding interesting case studies or reports to include in their articles. If you have unique details to share with a larger audience, create a report and send it via email. Few readers will click on the link and visit your resource, while others will repost the link to it on their own websites.

Expand Your Email List with Content Upgrades

A successful email marketing campaign requires an email list. Creating an effective email marketing list is one of the most important aspects of any marketer’s job. One of the simplest ways to convert your readers into subscribers is to leverage your blogs and create content upgrades.

Add a sign-up form to your website and use the content as a lead magnet to entice people to join your email list.

Increase the Duration of Time Users Spend On Your Site

It is said that the amount of time people spend on your website helps Google determine whether your content is valuable enough to rank it high. You can encourage your subscribers to participate in a debate by inviting them to post comments under your article in an email.

Precisely after receiving an email about a new article, you can send a follow-up email to your subscribers, highlighting the most controversial comments and asking them to share their thoughts on the subject.

This method can significantly increase user engagement and even reactivate disengaged subscribers. You can also increase the average time spent on your website by including a link to the search bar in your emails. You can get users to view multiple pages at once using this method.

Add Social Media Buttons That Encourage Readers To Share Your Content

If your blog posts are truly valuable, people are more likely to share them. Permitting them to do everything from their mailbox may make their lives easier. Most reputed email marketing services will enable you to customize share buttons and include them in your relevant Emails.

More shares actually mean more traffic to your site and social signals, which are essential factors in SEO results.

The Takeaway

Email is another quality channel that can help you expand your reach, and your blogs are a splendid way to fuel this strategy. You can utilize the strategies outlined above to ensure you’re on the right track.