As a website owner, it’s necessary to build a good base right from the very beginning. So right from the moment when your website is launched, you need to track the target audience and your competitors as well. It’s your duty to turn your website visitors into your customers. You need to know your website ranking on the Internet. Which keywords redirect the visitors to your website, what’s the source, etc. It’s very important to know all about this in order to reach the highest position on the Internet. Maybe the content that you are posting is correct, but the keyword is not hitting your website. For all this, you need to track ranking for SEO and Wincher will help you!

Wincher is the world’s simplest rank tracker for SEO. You can track the ranking, traffic and the position of your website by simply entering some information about the full name of your website, your email-id and a few other things. You will get the statistics within a few minutes on your email and our website. You need not Login every time on Wincher, it will automatically send you notifications whenever there is an update on the stats. Moreover, it provides you some inbuilt keywords that you can use in your content to get more traffic on your website and reach on the top. 

With Wincher, you will be able to find out what your target audience is searching for and which keyword is mostly used to find new ways to monetize by SEM, SEO or content. Wincher helps you to export your data by PDF or CSV and get customized PDF-reports to any email address you provide on a weekly or monthly basis. You can compare your position with the competitors, track all your keywords, generate PDF reports, do keyword research and a lot more. The app updates your search engine positions every day and your competitor positions also. To become among the top ranked websites, you should not miss any ranking movement.

In a nutshell, I would say that Wincher is the best rank tracker website that you can use on a daily basis to track and monitor your ranking positions on the Internet and compare with others. Whenever an important change takes place, Wincher alerts you and gives ranking updates. You can group your keywords into different categories of your choice and get a better overview of your overall ranking progress.

You can try Wincher for free for 14 days and thereafter, you will be charged @ €10/ month for the first website and €3/month for additional websites. However, you can close or upgrade your account anytime. There is no lock up at all. You are free to use it.  It’s as simple as that. 

Give it a try now!

Pros: daily rank tracker; compare rankings with competitors; keyword research; CSV, PDF exporting; easy to use; no lock up; free trial available.

Cons: not found.

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