We all might have played so many marble games but none of this compares to the joy of playing Marble Jetpack. Arrived with a different concept, the game is a mixture of both the marble and the shooter games. This combination is unique and it adds more spice to the arcade gaming. You would enjoy the idea of flying in the marble jetpack and blasting the enemies. 

Marble Jetpack belongs to the adventure category in the Play Store. The game is open for play with the level named Arcade. This starts with a basic training level that lets you take control of the joystick and practice how to make moves and collect stars. One you get a hang on the game you will gather speed and master your skills. The game requires your hand and eye coordination and your capacity to escape the approaching shots from the enemies. All of this has to be achieved before the timer runs out. 

The game play as you proceed to level 2 is gripping and it asks you to take off with the Marble Jetpack you are provided. You have to manage your way through the enemies as you blast them out and gather more and more stars. You have some checkpoints which are places to gather more lives and to keep your position intact on that particular level. The game is not as simple as it seems, it definitely puts a tough test to your strategies. 

Marble Jetpack notifies you on the lives lost or earned, the enemies defeated and the time you have remaining to complete the task.  The beautifully intricate and outstanding visuals take you to the best marble gaming experience ever. The app is so colourful and easy to play with. The sound effects are nice and they can be adjusted to our preference. You are also allowed to change the skin of the marble using the inventory icon. 

The team of BB Electronics are always open to your feedback and they will respond to your queries if you contact them on bbelectronicsllc@gmail.com. Marble Jetpack is compatible with Android 6.0 and later versions and has in-game purchases where you can collect lives by watching videos or by paying money. You could look forward to the other challenging modes of the game very soon. 

Of all the jetpack games that I have ever come across, this game is worth downloading. What makes the game noteworthy is the concept of the game play, the power-ups, the jetpack, various shooting objectives, etc. It keeps you going for hours together for one more ride on the Marble Jetpack.

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