Chennai is often considered a saas business hub of India. It is the place where many Chennai startups like Zoho and Fresh works began. The place is majorly in competition with places like Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. In this article, we will be discussing some of the Chennai startups below.

1. Chargebee

Krish Subramanian, Raja Raman Santhanam Thiyagarajan Thiyagu as well as Saravanan KP started Chargebee in 2011, to tackle the issue of the recurring bill and payment subscriptions for SaaS companies. At the present, Chargebee has more than 3000 customers, the majority of them located in both the US in addition to Europe. So far, the company has taken in $468.2 million from investors – which is worth $3.5 billion.

2. CredAvenue

Established in 2020 by Gaurav Kumar in the year 2020, is a Chennai startup. CredAvenue offers a platform for enterprises and businesses to borrow money through banks as well as other institutions. With more than 2,300 corporate, 450 companies, and more than 750 lenders on their platform, CredAvenue has already assisted in facilitating loans totalling $10.5 billion. Since its inception, investors have put in $226.7 million to the start-up.

3. M2P Fintech

It was efficaciously founded in 2014 by Madhusudanan R, Muthukumar, and Prabhu R 2014; M2P Fintech is creating new-generation fintech and neo bank products. At the present over 30 banks and more than 500 fintech startups in Asia and Africa collaborate in conjunction with M2P Fintech, which includes fintech companies like NiYO Solutions, Jupiter, Uni Cards, Slice, CRED, and RazorPay. As of now, they have brought in $107 million to the company, valuing them at 605 million.

4. WayCool

It was expediently founded by Karthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Dasari in the year 2015, WayCool began its journey as a food supply chain B2C startup, dubbed SunnyBee. They made the decision to shift towards a farm-to-fork B2B model in the year 2017. WayCool has helped over 100,000 customers to get access to fresh fruits and vegetables to date as well as supporting 85,000 in the process. So far the company’s investors have put $221.5 million into the company’s startup.

5. Wiz Freight

It was first founded by Ramkumar Govindarajan and Ramkumar Ramachandran in the year 2020, Wiz Freight is simplifying the scheduling and managing of international shipments for imports and exporters. With its network of more than 22,000 carriers and vendors, Wiz Freight is helping over 1,500 companies deliver their goods. So far the company’s investors have put $42.5 million into the start-up.

6. Mad Street Den

It was professionally founded in 2013 by the husband-wife couple AnandChandrasekaran and Ashley Asokan. Mad Street Den was founded to capitalize on the boom in e-commerce that was taking place at the time. The company helps online retailers manage their SKUs.

7. Agnikul Cosmos

Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM created Agnikul Cosmos with a mission to make space more accessible by creating their own customized rocket, Agnibaan. The rocket is capable of launching tiny satellites up to 100 kilograms into space. The company is scheduled to begin its space mission around sometime in the year 2022. So far, they’ve received $14.5 million from investors.

8. Guardian Link

Arjun Reddy, Kameshwaran Elangovan, and Keyur Patel along with Ramkumar Subramaniam founded Guardian Link in 2016to allow their customers to develop their own NFT marketplaces with Guardian Link’s APIs.

9. The ePlane Company

IT-Madras Professor Satya Chakravarthy established the ePlane Company back in 2019 together with his student, to address the issue of Traffic. They are developing an electric, compact flying taxi, dubbed the e200. The company has already begun testing the smaller version of the ePlane and have this point received $6 million from investors.

10. Planys Technologies

Rakesh Sirikonda Tanuj Jhunjhunwala and Vineet Upadhyay founded Planys Technologies in 2015. The company provides customers with underwater robotic inspections that utilize their own made remotely operated vehicles also known as ROVs. The company has received $4.1 million from investors up to this point.