A Mac is widely regarded as one of the best computers available. Its quick processing systems and overall safety and security are frequently preferred. In addition to their attractive appearance, Macs are dependable and an excellent choice for both business and personal use. However, while many people believe that Macs are safe, is this true? Is the built-in security software sufficient to protect you from viruses and other malicious threats?

Is Antivirus Software Required for Macs?

Yes. While you may believe your Mac is secure, it is not. If you do not have the necessary security, you may leave your personal and sensitive information vulnerable to hackers. It can result in your bank account information, address, and other sensitive information being shared with those with malicious intent. To avoid this, you’ll need a Mac antivirus.

How Do Viruses Infiltrate Your Mac?

Downloading apps and external programs that aren’t from the app store is one of the most common ways for people to get viruses on their Macs. While Mac users do not download as many items as PC users, there are still several programs and applications that people install on their devices, leaving them vulnerable.

Another way for viruses to infiltrate your Mac is by clicking on links sent in emails or messages. The original sender may be unaware that they have a virus attached to this, which can add cookies that track, read, or change your browser and see your movements.

The most dangerous malware on a Mac is:

  • The adware that displays pop-ups and advertisements that bother users
  • Spyware designed to steal people’s personal information 
  • Phishing attempts to obtain your login and data details
  • Trojan malware that allows hackers to remotely access your device to steal your data and corrupt your files

What Antivirus Software Does a Mac Already Have?

Apple includes numerous antivirus deterrents, such as XProtect, which inspects apps, and Gatekeeper, which verifies the legitimacy of apps that you open or install. These are intended to prevent any potential threat from reaching your device and accessing your data.

It’s also good to enable two-factor authentication for your passwords and anti-phishing protection in your Safari browser. Monterey Apple also has a recording indicator in your menu bar that will notify you if an app is recording you so you can determine whether or not this is happening. It is possible to protect your computer by installing third-party antivirus for Mac software.