The mobile application development industry is thriving and will continue to improve every year; there have been considerable changes in the sector in the previous year with a notable revolution of mobile application marketing shifting from tablets and smartphones to wearable devices. The industry technicians are competing to provide the best services to consumer and improve experience with the gadgets. We are in a midst of global transformation and more people are embracing modern technology and mobile platform, the transformation is changing the way people interact, learn, educate, shop, and entertain among other features. With such an astounding pace it is projected that there will be over fifty billion connected devices by the year 2020. As the developers match to 5G moments analysts indicate that the mobile application development industry is growing at very high speed and the shape, size and functionality of the present portable devices will evolve to something very different in the next several years.

Research indicates that the number of mobile devices has surpassed global human population and nearly 90% of the consumers have a mobile phone, while 30% own a tablet. Some of the mobile app development trends are discussed in this article.