Oracle Cloud was the very first public cloud created to aid all applications. Oracle creates solutions that address consumer concerns about current public clouds by rethinking basic cloud engineering and system design. Oracle Cloud accelerates the transfer of current business workloads while improving performance and stability for all applications. This is one of the benefits of integrating your business into Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Provides a Second Generation Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives businesses the techniques and architecture they ought to transition from on-premises to cloud computing as painless as possible. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ultimately supports better migration and economics by utilizing enhanced automation and built-in security to reduce risks.

The Oracle Cloud architecture is built for innovation. This includes end-to-end SLA-protected dependability, industry-leading scalability and availability, integrated governance and management, and more. As part of its cloud mission, Oracle supports cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, machine learning (ML)and human interfaces.

Oracle Cloud Will Help You Achieve Your Long-term Goals

As the foundation of Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers fundamentally new, second-generation public-cloud architecture. To handle mission-critical and performance-intensive workloads, the infrastructure is specifically designed to provide performance predictability, security by design, and governance. Oracle Cloud provides the compute, storage, networking, database, and platform services you need to provide solid business results as you re-evaluate your data center requirements.

Capabilities for Improving Performance

Oracle’s IaaS solution, with its second-generation platform, remote direct memory access (RDMA) for technical computing clusters, offers a breadth of features unrivaled in the market. Because of this distinction, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can ensure predictable performance and customer separation.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also enables new technologies such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. An infrastructure designed to offer low latency, high availability, robustness, and consistent performance is ideal for autonomous workloads. Your data is automatically duplicated and saved in Oracle’s object storage, ensuring high availability and resilience.

Strong Defence

Security is a critical architectural component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle provides secure-by-design security features such as customer isolation, data security, internal threat detection, and highly automated attack remediation. Oracle’s infrastructure separates computing and network resources to protect your private information and traffic from other users. Furthermore, it separates your code, data, and resources from management machines, lowering the likelihood of data in the cloud being stolen or altered by intruders. On Oracle Cloud, granular customer isolation reduces the threat surface.