The Internet of Things is the interconnection of exclusively certain entrenched calculating devices within the existing application of internet communications. Basically, the expectation of the internet of things is to offer highly developed connectivity of devices, systems as well as services. These components go beyond machine to machine communication covering range of protocols, domains as well as applications. In addition, internet of things is likely to generate huge amounts of data from assorted locations that is combined at a very high-velocity thus increasing the need to better catalog, store and progression. Internet of things has developed due to convergence of various technologies, varying from wireless communication to the internet. The capability to network entrenched devices with CPU, memory and power resources discovers applications in every field through internet of things. The responsibility of the system is to collect information settings arraying from natural ecological unit and factories.


In order internet of things to work, the media and the big data must be connected which is necessary in determining the content into the mechanism used for media process. Information is delivered to millions of individuals through advertisement and media approach. In essence, this industry seems to move away from time-honoured approach of using specific media such as newspaper, magazines as well as television shows. Essentially, this industry has improvised different methods to tap customers with technologies in order to reach the targeted people at best times in most favourable locations. The main goals and objectives of this industry is to serve and put into words a content that is in line with the customers’ state of mind. For instance, advertisement has exclusively gleaned through various data mining activities. The media industry process Big Data in duals thus interconnected in such a manner targeting the consumers for the purposes of advertising by the marketers as well as data-capture.

People with relevant interest focus on devices which are the joint behavioural target in advertising and programmatic marketing which has unlocked the new precision that enables display of advertisement. Big data work hand in hand with the internet of things. From the media point of view, data is the key imitative of device that inter connect. The internet of things therefore transforms media industry, companies and government through opening up a new period of economic growth and competitiveness. Data generated by this industry allow Practitioners in advertising through media to gain detailed layer on the targeted mechanism.

Environmental monitoring

Applications on environmental monitoring of the internet of things basically employ sensors to help out ecological defence by monitoring water superiority, soil conditions as well as atmospheric conditions. In addition, internet of things can help in keeping an eye on the movement of wildlife and their surroundings. Development of application of resources connected to the internet can be used as emergency services to provide effective aid towards emergencies like earthquake.

Infrastructure management

The application of internet of things involves monitoring and controlling of various operations of urban and rural infrastructure. Any event in terms of structural conditions is the responsibility of the internet of things to control and monitor the safety while increasing the risk. In addition, this application can also be used to utilize repair and maintenance activities in a well-organized manner through harmonization of diverse tasks between dissimilar service provider and users of these amenities.

Internet of things device can also be used to control significant transportation for example bridges to provide right of entry to ships. Waste management areas situate to benefit from computerization and optimization that could be brought in by internet of things. Improvement of incident management and emergency response coordination is experienced through usage of internet of things devices for monitoring and operating infrastructure by reducing the costs of operation.


Some operations result to industrial application and smart manufacturing as well through internet of things. Network control and management of manufacturing equipment as well as manufacturing process control are the operation resulting to internet of things in any company.

The internet of things has excellent systems and equipment which enable manufacturing of new products, response to the products demands, optimization of manufacturing production and controlling systems. Internet of things increases dependability by means of statistical evaluation and analytical maintenance. Well turned-out industrial management systems can be incorporated with smart network to enable concurrent energy optimization. The functions provided by large number of networked sensors include,

  • Health and safety management
  • Measurements
  • Automated controls
  • Plant optimization

Energy management

Optimization of energy consumption is through incorporation of common sense and actuation systems which are linked to internet. Internet of things can be integrated into several forms of energy consuming devices. These devices are able to communicate with utility supply company so that to balance power production and energy usage. The devices offer opportunities for users to remote control devices via obscure based line. As a point of fact, remote controls of electric outlet already available in the market are few. Besides home based energy management, internet of things more especially to relevant smart network in the sense that it provides systems that gather and act on energy and power related information in an automated fashion with the aim of improving,

  • Good organization
  • Dependability
  • Economics
  • Sustainability of the manufacture and supply of electricity

Advanced Metering Infrastructure is the device used to connect internet and electric utilities to help in management of other distribution automation devices such as transformers and reclosers.

Internet of things plays a significant role in remote area in the sense that the device is used to enable health supervision and urgent situation notification systems. These health supervision devices range from blood pressure and heart rate observation to advanced devices capable of supervising specialized establishments. Medical health care through the application of internet of thing has specialized sensors which are equipped to monitor the health and general well being of every individual in any locality. In addition, this device ensures that appropriate treatment is being administered by assisting people to recover their lost mobility via rehabilitation as well.

Building and home computerization

Internet of thing can be used to keep an eye on the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems used in various types of buildings in either public or private facilities, industrial operations, institution as well as residential homes. Home mechanization like any other building computerization systems are characteristically used to control the following,

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Communication systems
  • Entertainment to improve convenience in our homes


Internet of thing device assists greatly in amalgamation of communication, control as well as information dispensation across various shipping systems. All aspect of application of internet of thing extends to transportation systems. In this case, the targeted developers are the driver of the vehicle, the vehicle itself as well as the infrastructure. Energetic relations between these mechanisms of transport system enables inter and intra vehicular communication in different ways such as,

  • Smart parking of vehicles
  • Smart traffic control
  • Electronic payment collection system
  • Logistics and task force management
  • Safety and road assistance
  • Vehicle control

Large scale consumption

This is specifically the ongoing consumption of the internet of thing in large scale to facilitate better management of cities and systems. South Korea is one of the major examples related to this consumption of internet of thing in the sense that it is fully equipped with wired smart city which is almost to be completed. For instance, everything in this city of Korea is likely to be wired, linked and twisted into a steady stream of data that would be scrutinized and evaluated by an arrangement of computers whereby human involvement is not needed.

In addition, this application is ongoing in Spain. Operations of this project have been accepted in two major approaches. Santander, the city of Spain comprise of 180,000 people in terms of population where 18000 has already seen the city application downloads for their Smartphones. This application has been linked over a wide range to help in parking search, ecological examination and digital city agenda. The main aim of this computerization in the city is to benefit merchants through a flash of deals based on the city by capitalizing on the impact of each announcement.

New York waterways in the New York City are another large scale computerization application is underway to connect all their containers and to ensure the city is supervised live 24/7.Internet of thing deliberated and engineered the development of wireless network for the decisive mission of application in the city.

Trends of internet of the things

Internet of thing on the other hand can be characterized in terms of its capability in the connection operations. The trends of internet of the thing include,


Independent control is not the part of the unique perception of the internet of the thing. Self-directed control does not necessarily require internet structures. However, there is a study to put together the concept of the internet of the thing control with the original result toward the direction by bearing in mind that objects are the driving force for self-dependence.

Self-dependence behavior through collecting and reasoning context information plays a significant role in the internet of the thing. Modern products and solutions of internet of the thing use different varieties of technologies to support the context of computerization.


Internet of things framework help to support the interaction and connection of different devices and development of distributed applications through calculation. The internet of thing seems to concentrate on the data cataloguing solutions. Sources suggest that future development might result to specific Software development environment to create certain software responsible to work with the hardware used in the internet of things.


Events of the internet of things are not necessarily based on deterministic representation but would instead be based on the circumstances of the events. Most importantly, this device requires common standards that would be able to address every context.

As a matter of fact, many technologists publicize the internet of things as a crucial step towards a better world. Scholars and social observers have criticized the ever-present calculation revolt of internet of things. Therefore this device has some disadvantages while performing it is operations of connection, thus they include,


Internet of things has been developed in a hurry without suitable deliberation of the thoughtful security obstacles involved and the rigid changes that might be essential in various operations. Sources suggest that security is the biggest concern in accepting internet of things technology. Particularly, the internet of the thing spread widely whereby cyber attacks are likely to be an increasingly physical treat.

Environmental impact

This is another problem experienced by the internet of things. A definite regarding to internet of things technologies is relevant to the environmental collision of the manufacture. The use and disposal of the semiconductor devices are hazardous to the environment. Electronic devices are regularly disposed in the landfills thereby contaminating soil, groundwater, surface water as well as air. Furthermore, the environmental expenditure on mining is essential to modern electronic components which are increasing at a higher rate. Hence, it is vital to keep in mind that every good custom can also bring the same benefits.


Due to extensive acknowledgment of the developing personality of the design as well as the management of the internet of things, sustainable and secure consumption of internet of things must design suitable solutions which are likely to be extensive to bodily systems. The device designed should provide a trail which is fully determined to comprehend the probable of internet of things solutions by selecting restricting physical systems thus by allowing management command without warning disappointment.

In conclusion, the internet of the things is closer to being put into operation than the average person would think. The main reason as to why the internet of things has not been put into practice is the crash it has on the lawful, communal field and moral as well as security. Therefore, the internet of things may very well be hard-pressed back longer than it really desires to be.