Nowadays it is seen enumerated that when you actually open your LinkedIn message centre and view a few new messages in your inbox, the first foremost thing you expect is being sold to. In addition, LinkedIn has always been the platform for business and career, so primarily everyone is selling something. It is studied that there are other, best sales techniques on LinkedIn than spamming people who just accepted you into their relevant list.

Develop a Complete Professional Profile

This good advice goes for both organization pages and personal profiles. Also, make sure you have a quality photo of yourself or a high-resolution picture of your company logo. More precisely, don’t treat any section of the profile as any kind of optional. It is good to fill each of them carefully, particularly the parts where you could list your skills or the services/products you provide.

For organization pages, utilize the LinkedIn profile as a golden opportunity to pitch your services/products. Check-in your description, conveying something that will catch passionate readers’ eyes. If you have in the case received any awards, lead with that or with any other type of recognition you have received.

Better to Strike a Balance between Native and Third-Party Content

When it comes to The LinkedIn algorithm it actually works differently than Facebook’s. If Facebook generally buries links to other websites on your feed since they wish to keep users on their platform as much as possible, LinkedIn has no such kind of mission.

So you can send users to your website to immensely gain more traffic without fearing reaching any penalties. But this doesn’t mean that you must solely focus on third-party links. Balancing must be key, where you could publish your blog posts and links to your sales pages. It is suggested that you mix in some native articles. In cases even if LinkedIn doesn’t crush your reach, the users must tend to read native articles more since it’s simpler and they don’t have to leave the platform.

You can Join LinkedIn Groups

Though LinkedIn groups have strict anti-spam rules, you won’t be permitted to publish sales pitches or any kind of links to your website. Thereby you can always enumerate your expertise in the comments section. Assist real people to solve real problems and you will actively begin viewing add requests soon.

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