If you practice SEO on your website, you might already hear about the term “backlink”. It is an important variable that can determine whether your SEO campaign will be successful or not.

What exactly is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link from another website to one of a website’s pages. It is typically created when a website wishes to refer to the content of another website to provide further explanation of its own content.

Because it is a reference, it implies that the website owner who created the backlink has some faith in the backlink target. After all, if you’re not confident in something, you’re unlikely to recommend it to others, are you? A backlink you create will enrich your content and provide a better experience to your content’s users.

Reasons why Backlinks are Important in SEO

It Is One of the Three Most Important Ranking Factors In Google’s Algorithm, According To Google

According to Google’s comments in a Bloomberg article and Q&A session, there are three major Google ranking factors. They are backlinks, content, and RankBrain a Google AI system used to better understand its users’ search intent.

It Serves As a Vote Of Confidence in Your Page’s Content

Backlinks, as previously stated, are typically given as a vote of confidence. If someone links to your website page, it should imply that person believes in its content. As a result, the greater the number of backlinks your website page has, the more trustworthy its content should be.

This appears to be the case with Google as well. According to Ahrefs, its UR scores the score that evaluates the quantity and quality of backlinks on a website page correlate positively with Google rank positions. As a result, it appears that more high-quality backlinks to your page should help it rank higher in people’s searches.

It Has the Potential to Increase the Authority of Your Domain

The more trustworthy pages a domain has, the more trustworthy the domain itself should be. This means that your website should be more authoritative in what it discusses. This is especially true if your backlinks come from relevant websites that operate in the same industry as yours.

Google also stated that when determining its SERP, it considers a website as a whole. It appears that if you want your website to rank higher in search engines, you should consider getting more high-quality backlinks.

Make You More Familiar With Your Prospective Audiences and the Content They Probably Need

You should be able to determine which websites send you the most visitors by using analytics tools. From there, you can determine which types of website audiences are more interested in what your website has to offer. This can assist you in further developing your website to better serve your potential audiences.

Final Thoughts

As the preceding above key reasons demonstrate that backlinks are an important factor to consider in SEO. You should make an effort to obtain high-quality backlinks for your website so that its SEO results can be improved further.