When there is an occasion or any event, you plan to celebrate it with your family, you go to any restaurant or at one of your favourite places outside. In my case, I find it very difficult to choose from so many restaurants nearby. So I prefer to search online and see the ratings of the restaurants and distance from my location and then book a table. However, searching restaurants on the web everytime is a little bit difficult and they don’t provide the menus or PDF files either. Why don’t we look for an app on the app store for finding restaurants nearby having A grade food and good customer reviews? I have found an amazing app known as No dining curves, which has been offered by Vanguard I.T.

With No dining curves, you can locate the best restaurants and bars in the city. The app provides menus, health inspection grades and customer grades of all the restaurants. When you have no dining curves with you, you can choose the right restaurant to dine in even when you have not planned for it earlier! You can check the app instantly and discover the preferred restaurants. The app also provides the map of the restaurant’s location from your location. It gathers information from the restaurants and provides a list on the app such as: A grade restaurants, customer grades, restaurant menus, cuisine, favorites, recommended, health inspection grades, etc. It provides the safest and the most satisfying dining experience for you!

No dining curves app comes under the category of ‘Food and Drink’ and is available in the following cities in the country- Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle. Currently, it’s not available in your country and will be launched shortly in other cities too. The app has been compatible with the latest version of the Android Operating Systems. I must say that the app is easy to use and is having a neat and clean interface.

The app gives you details about the restaurant that you click and show the location, complete address, distance from you, inspection and customer grades, complete menus, allergens, cuisine type, etc. It also tells about the speciality of that restaurant such as different cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, or anything else that you want to search. Now you don’t need to download the pdf files of the menus of different restaurants now. As the app provides everything in it whenever and wherever you’re! It’s as easy as you think!

Just download the app and discover the best restaurants for yourself! Have a great dining experience! The app is available for free on the app store and in-app purchases are also there.

Go for it!

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