Newsvoice is an app where you can get all the latest news in one place. This app comes with a host of features that can give a serious fight to the other existing apps. The multitude of features provided by this app includes voice cast of the news, open comments section and many more. If you are an avid news enthusiast and like having a healthy debate with other people then this is the right app for you. You can read or listen to a piece of news and point out your observations in the comments section. Other people who agree or disagree with your views will also comment, thereby making it a debate of sorts.

You can also upvote the articles that you like thereby improving the quality of your feed. This is an intuitive feature that proves to be very likeable. The topics you are not interested in reading about do not appear on your feed. It does seem that a lot of thought has gone into the designing part of Newsvoice. The developers have thought out all the features to ensure maximum comfort for the users.

Personally, I liked the feature where you can comment on news articles. This provides room for a healthy debate. Of course, the feature where you can listen to the news is even better. It is as if a radio has been turned on. I find it quite relaxing to close my eyes and listen to the soft voice reading out the news events.

Apparently, this wonderful app has a lot of nice features. Unfortunately, as of now, I am still exploring all the features of the Newsvoice app. Hopefully, I will be able to learn and utilize all of features soon. We must really thank the team behind Newsvoice that has come up with such a wonderful application.

Newsvoice can be recommended to all the news buffs out there. Right from the busy businessmen to college students, everyone can use this application without feeling like having wasted a lot of time. The in-depth coverage of the articles as well as the open-sourced articles ensure that topics from far and wide are covered. You can’t point any major downside in this app. This is one of the first apps I’ve come across with such innovative features packed into it. Overall, I would give this application a very high rating as it does have some amazing features.

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