Mobile applications may be of different types and styles. You may download and play games or synchronize your smartwatch or fitness band to the health app and so on. The ones you use regularly like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are also apps only by definition. We use all these for their distinct purposes. Outist is also an app that is available on both the Google Play Store – if you are using an Android phone, and on the App Store – if you are using an iOS run device like iPhone or iPad.

The basic intent of the app is to place in your hand details of people and events nearest to your current location who may be present on the same Outist app with profiles that look a lot like yours. This is facilitated by the app collecting information from you while creating your profile. You will state your name and location and your educational background etc. You will also be asked about your academic and professional interest apart from certain personal choices.

The Outistapp does not occupy much space in your storage. It is 43MB in size. With some updates, the current version of the app is 2.0.7. The OS requirement for the app to work is Android version 5 or up. Hopefully, you have moved much ahead of Android 5 by now.

Outist is not a dating site; however, there is an age restriction here and the app is rated for use by individuals above the age of 12 years. Google does a rating of apps while permitting them to be included in the Play Store, depending on the contents and functions. Accordingly, this has been rated as 12+ years requiring parental guidance.

With regard to the security while using the app, it does ask you for a series of permissions before you are allowed to access the features and to use Outist to its full potential. This app will ask permission to access your calendar and look at the appointments; it can access your contacts, your location, take pictures, and record videos with the camera in the device and so on. Now, many apps ask for a variety of permissions. You may say Ok to them with the faith that none of it will be misused. The same level of trust must be accorded to the Outist app as well. By its very nature, the app has to access your location to offer you its basic function of letting you know people you can get in touch with and events that you can attend.

You will also have to go by Google’s assurance that data security is assured.

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