Artificial Intelligence is presently manifesting various forms and altering the course of business activities. Their impacts are beginning to be felt in real ways. Every tech giant from Google, Apple and Amazon is leveraging artificial intelligence in several ways to enhance and augment customer experiences. Everyone should know about the Latest AI Powered Tools for Small Businesses.

A.I. are leveraged by the smallest of organizations to assist reduce expenditures, supplement manpower, obtain higher levels of customer service and business intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the best equalizer between small businesses and massive enterprises.

You can find latest AI tools which were specifically designed for small businesses.

Meet Sally

Scheduling meetings via email could be tedious and time-consuming. It might kill one’s productivity.Meet Sally is an AI powered personal assistant that assists time-crunched entrepreneurs get more done by taking scheduling tasks off their plate.

This intelligent bot proceeds to identify meeting days and times that jive with all party’s schedules. This actually means that you can drop the back and forth rigmarole and allow Sally handle the scheduling while you carry on with your day. Sally can also search for flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, and more, making a variety of scheduling tasks simple.You can just open an account, provide her with access to your calendar, and cc her in any email you’d like.


Crystal enables users to become better communicators by understanding those they are communicating with on deeper level.This AI platform qualitatively enables users to import their social media or Gmail contacts and then offers a dashboard of profiles to explore which highlights each person’s personality type.

Personality profiles are wholly based on the DISC assessment (Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Calculating) that assists users to determine the communication style which would resonate most with the person they are reaching out to.Crystal also helps users to understand the communication tactics and offers its users with tips and suggestions on how to talk, email, or sell to their prospective targets.

While connecting to Gmail, Crystal would also give recommendations on how to adapt your messaging as you compose the e-mail. It enables sales representatives to more efficiently connect with their prospects to land an increased number of customers.


Growbots is a uniquely powerful salesforce automation platform that uses machine learning to augment and improve the sales cycle. It is studied that Growbots searches its database of more than 200 million contacts to pair your business with the most qualified and prosperous leads, based on the brand information entered.

Growbots automatically initiates, manages, and optimizes outreach campaigns to intrigue prosperous customers and prepare them for contact with your sales team. It primarily takes the burden of lead scoring and outreach off your team so that they could focus on doing what they do best: Selling.


Gluru operates as a productivity tool that assists users identify tasks which require to be accomplished and helps to prepare users to successfully achieve those goals. It connects with Gmail, Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Box to offer users with all the materials they might require for a given task.

Primarily this service sends users daily emails with their schedule and the necessary documents for that day. In case if you have an upcoming meeting or phone call, Gluru would e-mail you a reminder along with attachments of all the files it thinks you might require.

It also operates as customer support software which wholly understands customer’s requirements and could identify any request tickets which need a response.Gluru would retrieve the apt answer for the customer and respond automatically.

In conclusion Artificial intelligence would become an integral part of doing business within the next decade. By implementing these tools you can start to grow your business and compete with other big giants.

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