time_set_iconTimeSet App: Create a Bucket List, Discover A Community and Share Geo-Tagged Photos

It has never been easy to let an amazing, spectacular view pass without capturing a photo. In our modern era, such experience induces great joy thus is worth sharing later with friends. What about getting an app that can help an individual get an amazing following? This sounds quite interesting. This can be a great path to fame and a moment of interactive with other photo lovers. TimeSet app is fully designed to make this dream a reality. 

With an amazing platform that enables one to capture geo-tagged photos, the user can easily share with friends and other users in an efficient way. This Android app was recently updated on 12th October, 2016 to boost its overall performance in order to exceed user’s expectations. Now, users can easily share their adventure experiences in an organized platform and get the best responses. This is truly an app worth getting!

The Functionality of the TimeSet app

The app is quite easy to operate and manage for a novice user. It all starts with creating a profile and customizing it based on the user’s preferences. Getting friends to share different adventure moments can be the next thing to do. This starts by sending to them requests which will require their confirmation. TimeSet app is designed to meet individual user’s needs; thus, the user is allowed to create a bucketlist with interested features worth exploring. 

Some of the categories explored may include sports, cars, fashion, entertainment, party, education, art among others. The posts that have been made either from the camera or photo gallery always appear at the Timefeed. Different users can proceed to offer likes and comments to express their interest. The app also allows sharing of such posts and even following the geo-location provided.

Compatibility of TimeSet app

In order to boost efficient functionality of this app, a strong device will be required. Currently, the recommended device is Android 4.1 or any new version available.

Distinct Features that can be identified in the TimeSet app:

Unique bucketlist

Each individual has different interests and passion when it comes to explorations. Some prefer nature whereas other would want to have perfect view tangible views like historical sites and buildings. TimeSet app takes into account such personal interests by giving its users a chance to create a bucketlist. An individual can proceed to include interests based on art, cars, fashion, entertainment, celebrity, nightlife and many others.

Filter view

This is a unique feature that is critical in managing the privacy of an individual. Some users might prefer to maintain and manage only a given group or community of TimeSet users. The TimeSet app comes with three unique options to ensure the required privacy is assured. They include filtering the followers, friends and followed locations only. Thus, the user’s content will be inclusive only of the selected filtered features where the other part will be excluded.

Send Invitations

What about coming with a plan of having a group adventure? This can be really incredible! It will offer a chance to meet new people and share different adventurous moments based on the group’s interest. TimeSet app can make this adventure a reality. Through its interactive platform, individuals can plan and organize an imminent adventurous trip together. The team leader can then proceed to send invitations to the interested members ready for the trip.

Join Community

A chance to interact with other individuals can always be worth grabbing. This is because it offers an opportunity to get new ideas and experiences on related topics. With TimeSet app, an individual can discover or identify a group of individuals with shared interests and proceed to join such a community. They can end up sharing unique exploration and adventures based on their community interest and contribute actively on discussions.

Post on Timefeed

There are two options that the user can apply when posting geo-tagged photo; from the gallery or the camera capture. Once the photo has been uploaded on the Timefeed, it can be viewed by the entire TimeSet community or the filtered one. The viewers are allowed to share, tag locations, give likes and even post comments based on their opinions. Meanwhile, the time and place of photo capture is displayed at the top part of the photo.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the TimeSet app:


  • Great interaction from comments
  • High privacy level boosted
  • Highly-customized bucketlist to create
  • Great adventurous moments experienced
  • Supports high quality images


  • Mild profanity experienced
  • Infrequent in performance at times


It is clear that this top-rated and highly-defined app brings an amazing geo-tagged photo sharing to its users. With its clear focus of enhancing fascinating global adventure, TimeSet app sets a platform where individuals with common interests can create their communities and share adventure experiences using photos. Its formation, design and user platform are truly exceptional. This app is highly recommended to individuals with great interest to exploring the world at different angles. Get it today on the Google Play and get started!


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