palp_iconNowadays, the social context has proven to be quite efficient when it comes to advertising. Through an effective platform, businesses have been able to attract potential customers to enjoy their services. Owners of retail businesses, restaurants and other socio-businesses have a reason to smile since the recent release of Palp for Proximity Social Marketing app. Such businesses can now have a chance to advertise different special offers and deals to potential buyers in the surrounding proximity. Besides, this app comes with an interactive platform that individuals can make short posts accompanied by a picture of product or service being offered. Such posts can be shared in social context or get accessed in a close range through the Bluetooth supported by iBeacons Technology. Once the iPhone has been transformed into an iBeacon, different posts can be advertised and accessed by different Palp users.

The operation of the Palp for Proximity Social Marketing

 The entire operation of this fantastic app is quite simple to understand and absolutely intuitive. Actually, the initial step involves uploading a photo followed by a short post explaining the offer or deal being made. Photos can either be captured or obtained from the photo gallery. Interestingly, the users are allowed to formulate numerous posts and use the given platform to perfectly advertise their businesses.

Meanwhile, those posts that are outdated can be removed or edited to display new changes. To ensure that the entire process remains legit, this app facilitates tagging of different post with the business’ name to prevent any conflicting interests. Truly, this incredible app is professionally design with a clear focus of boosting the performance and visibility of different businesses.

Compatible Devices for the Palp app

The quality formation that has been integrated in this incredible app is absolutely phenomenal. The integration of iBeacon Technology that offers close range connection over Bluetooth is evident that this app will require a great device. Thus, the current suitable devices are iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, iOS 10.0 or later will be required to boost the overall performance.

Here are the unique features that the users of this app will encounter:

Close range post notifications

This amazing app has incorporated iBeacon Technology to boost its post visibility to individuals with compatible devices. Actually, the business can create advertised posts accompanied by related pictures in relation s to the offers and deals being made. Using the iBeacon Technology, it becomes easy for Palp to advertise such posts via Bluetooth. Thus, other Palp users who are in close range can easily discover them and even proceed to enjoy such services.

Authenticity of the business protected

To erase any doubts that may arise, Palp for Proximity Social Marketing ensures that the legitimacy of the business is well-displayed. To achieve this, such advertised posts are tagged with the legit identity of the advertisers. This is meant to ensure that user’s needs and advertiser’s interests are well-protected. Additionally, this is meant to create a platform that can be trusted by businesses when it comes to advertising.

Share the discovered posts

Users who are in close range can easily discover the advertised posts with the aid of the Bluetooth connection supported by iBeacon Technology. Interestingly, such posts can be shared with friends on different social platforms. These may include on Twitter and Facebook. During such a process, different businesses will be able to become visible to new customers who are within the proximity. Besides, users will get a chance to enjoy great deals and offers!

Edit or delete outdated posts

Apparently, there are some posts that will be passed by time once the deals and offers have been exhausted. How can they be handled? As a business, one can opt to eliminate such posts by deleting them. On the other hand, such posts can be edited and modified ready to present new offers and deals. This can save on time if the product being advertised is still similar. Meanwhile, there is no restriction on the number of posts being made using this app.

Only a photo and small post needed

The Palp for Proximity Social Marketing takes a simple and straight forward approach when it comes to advertising. All that one need is to draft a simple short post followed by a picture of the product being advertised. Such photo can be obtained from the storage platform (gallery) or captured live and get posted. No hassle at all!

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in this app:


  • Absolutely easy way of advertising
  • Fantastic interactive platform
  • High quality graphic effects
  • Intuitive platform tailored to adverts
  • Allows sharing; enhanced visibility for business


  • Not effective for long-range connection
  • Slowdown in performance while loading

Final Verdict

Palp for Proximity Social Marketing is truly an exceptional and highly-defined tech app. It integrates quality features to give advertisers the best experience in the social platform. With its iBeacon technology, it easily connects its close-range users and helps them discover great deals and offers made in the surrounding proximity. The quality formation, classical design and intuitive user-interface are just some of the features presented. It is indeed a must-recommend app for any advertiser and potential buyer.

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