cutevsevilCute VS Evil Gaming App: Enjoy a Great Puzzling Adventure By Eliminating Evil From the World

A game that brings great fun and fantastic experience that comes with an original background can be absolutely fascinating. Interestingly, the ardent puzzle players can now have a reason to smile as they try out the recently updated Cute Vs Evil app game. Designed by TiTon ApS, this amazing game incorporates two unique features in one platform; the Match 3 and Bubble shooting. The setup of the game involves an epic adventure where the player is to assist Mr. and Mrs. Cute to fight against the Evil and eliminate them from the world. During the gameplay, the player is able to gain scores that assist in proceeding to the next levels. From the positive reviews received, this clearly proves how exciting this game is in relation to performance, functionality and user-friendliness. This experience can be made real if one can download this game for free and get started!

The Functionality of Cute VS Evil app game

It is notable that this game has adopted a fantastic user interface that makes the operation pretty simple for the player. There are lots of levels that have been integrated in this game that the player needs to complete. By the use of swiping and bubble shooting techniques to get rid of the Evil, the player is awarded different scores in relation to moves made. One can also earn a number of gold coins upon finishing a particular level which can help in acquiring upgraded features. 

Besides, the game comes with quality graphics, background sound and fantastic animations that improve the quality of the gameplay. The updated version has also included two new locations and 40 new levels to bring a more challenging experience to puzzle players. Clearly, this is a game that one can’t miss trying out. It is just about relaxing, getting into the game and having great adventurous experience!

Compatibility of Cute VS Evil app game

This gaming app has adopted high quality features thus it would be crucial for the player to contain a compatible device to enhance its operation. Currently, it works efficiently in iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Besides, iOS 8.0 or any new version will be recommended.

Check below for the essential features that one will come across while using this app:

No time limit for gameplay

One essential purpose of this incredible app game is to offer the player the best experience that exceeds expectations. In order to achieve this, Cute VS Evil app game has not provided any time limit for the gameplay. This enables the player to fully maximize on skills and experience in order to tackle and complete a particular level in the best way possible.

Numerous levels to tackle

The player is assured of unstoppable experience from this game due to integration of more than 300 levels in this game (and still more are coming soon). With such numerous levels, the player need to be equipped with the required skills in order maximally complete them. Besides, there is a fantastic feature known as “The Pearl” that is awaiting players who can reach level 322. It’s absolutely worth trying!

Great combination of bubble shooter and Match 3

Apparently, this is the only puzzle game that has integrated both the Match 3 (swiping) and bubble shooter in one platform. The player can perfectly apply such features while trying to get rid of the evil. Interestingly, they are easily responsive thus ensuring that moves are made on time and accurately. These two elements absolutely boost the scores and gold coins gained during the gameplay.

Find out the new locations

From the game setup, it is notable that Mr. and Mrs. are on a great adventure that is bound to save their world and their love. The player is required to guide them so that they can locate the Evil and eliminate them. New locations have also been introduced in the updated version where the “Pearl Bay” has been introduced. This level also contains “The Yellow Brick Road” that comes with amazing effects and fantastic animations

Don’t worry if the game got stuck

Is the level becoming more challenging to complete? There is no need to worry. As a novice player, some levels may come with a great challenging experience making one unable to proceed to the next one. Interestingly, Cute VS Evil app game has integrated additional assistance that can enable one identify the skills needed to perfectly complete such a level. No more worries!

Some of the Pros and Cons noted from this game include:


  • Great fun and exciting experience
  • Colorfully designed and attractive graphics
  • Lots of levels to complete
  • Original and unique in its own ways
  • Easy to tackle the levels


  • Some levels quite challenging for beginners
  • Slowdown in performance at times


Cute VS Evil app game is absolutely the next-gen epic puzzler that comes with unstoppable experience. Users are offered an incredible opportunity to try out the numerous levels available. The entire formulation in relation to its features is phenomenal and well acquainted to the player’s gaming needs. Thus, this top rated game (with a 5-star rating) is absolutely recommended. Get it today for free from the App Store.

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