red_ball_smash_iconRed Ball Smashy Fall Game: Smash And Create A Way Through Obstacles In An Endless Runner Adventure

It is time to get into a fantastic adventure with the newly released Red Ball Smashy Fall game. Designed by Youssef El Barkaoui, this super addictive game introduces ardent players to an engaging and fast-paced gaming experience involving the red balls. It all starts with making the red balls roll on the given path as the player smashes through different obstacles, bridges and different blocks on the way. This introduces the player to an adventurous world in constant motion. The controls are quite effective and easy to use. Besides, the game has adopted cool graphics and an amazing interface to ensure that the overall experience is super awesome. This is truly a game worth playing for fun. However, a great challenging moment is in-waiting!

How the Red Ball Smashy Fall game operates

As a player, it is critical to understand that the main focus of the game is to prevent the red ball from obstacles, blocks and bridges. This would indeed make this fascinating adventure to last longer. The gaming controls are quite flexible and well-integrated. Actually, one will just need to tap the screen on either right or light. In doing so, the red ball can be controlled and deviated from the obstacles. Some of the techniques that can be applied on the red ball include bouncing, flipping, hopping, dodging and smashing down.

It is also crucial to keep track on the time and speed in order to avoid bringing the game to untimely end. Moreover, this amazing app game allows the player to collect the coins that are on the way to gain different scores. Interestingly, sufficient number of such coins can help in unlocking more upgraded characters in the game. Meanwhile, how far can one descend on this game? Only great skills, accuracy and quick response will determine that!

Compatibility of Red Ball Smashy Fall game

This fantastic game has been designed with a strong platform that supports great performance. Thus, the user will require a highly-defined device that can seamlessly work with this app. Currently, this app can be supported by iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. On the other hand, iOS 6.0 or any new version is well-compatible with this gaming app.

Here are the essential features that are evident in this fantastic game:

Unlimited number of levels

This amazing has integrated endless levels of play that one will have a chance to play. Each level comes with a unique experience and to make it through one requires great speed and accuracy. In order to gain high scores, one will be required to exhibit great skills since its endless motion pace waits for no man! However, it takes a number of plays before one is completely on the right game track.

Amazing intuitive game controls

A game with a perfect user-interface and amazing controls will always make the entire game session great and quite easy. Red Ball Smashy Fall is a game that requires flexible and quick-response controls in order to ensure that the obstacles have been evaded on time. This game applies tapping of the screen on either right or left side. Besides, it allows easy hopping, bouncing, flipping, dodging (the spikes) and also smashing down.

Apply powerups to boost performance

Interestingly, this incredible game comes with great lightning powerups that can be effectively applied. Actually, the player can use them to smash and create paths through different obstacles, bridges and other blocks on the way. Additionally, the powerup helps the player to score high points by facilitating quick collection of coins. This can help one to finish different levels faster and commence on more challenging ones.

Compete online with friends

As a player, one can invite friends to compete on the online platform. This interesting game offers a great challenge thus the players will need to exercise great reaction skills. Great experience and skills can ultimately help one to gain good scores in this hard-style descending endless runner. Besides, through consistent competition, one will able to understand new techniques that can highly assist in improving the performance.

Colorful design and graphics

Apparently, this fantastic, action-packed game has adopted beautiful and colorful design that makes the entire display phenomenal. Besides, the graphic effects are of high quality formation and well-tailored to the theme of the game. Additionally, the game has adopted a quality background music that is cool and soft; it absolutely makes the game lively!

Check below for the Pros and Cons experienced in Red Ball Smashy Fall game:


  • Great fast-paced gaming experienced
  • Great challenge yet super addictive
  • Attractive design integrated
  • Lots of coins to unlock characters
  • Competitive online experience is amazing


  • Some levels quite hard to proceed forward
  • Mild performance experienced

Final Verdict

Since its release on 6th October, 2016, Red Ball Smashy Fall game has continued to thrill its users with unstoppable gaming experience. Designed with an intuitive user-interface, this top-rated app introduces the player to a hard-style descending endless runner. Reaction skills that involve accuracy and quick-response are needed in this game to get the best scores. The fantastic color schemes and graphics make the game more entertaining. With a 4+ stars rating, this is truly a gaming app worth downloading. Get it today on the App Store for absolutely free and face the challenge!

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