Technology has been a part of our daily lives. In fact, technology helps us to be more productive and creative. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the next day hits, we rely on technology. Either it’s a need or just for entertainment, technology has always something to offer. Most of us loves documenting every detail in our lives – food trip, new hair cut, travel goals, promotions, a limited edition pair of shoes, adventure, etc.. One, Two, Three, Click! We love capturing those beautiful moments and then share it to our family and friends.

Journaling has been a part of our life, in fact, even couple of years ago, most of us has this small journal book which we called “Diary”, wherein we record events and personal things happening in our daily lives. But the only disadvantage of having a journal book is that it is prone to damage and loss.

Now, with our improving technology, we can finally record special events and adventures wherever we are, in the most inconvenient way. There’s indeed a lot of travel apps you can choose from. Whether it’s Online or Offline travel app. Journo Inc has just created a better version of their Journo Travel App

What is Journo Travel Journal?

Journo Travel Journal is a travel app by Journo Inc which is made for anyone who loves capturing moments and events. It let us documenting those “#Adventure Goals, #Food trip Goals, Road trip Goals, and any other #Goals. You can download this app for free and enjoy your 14-day free trial. So when you realized that this app is for you, then you can make monthly subscription to continue using this app.

This app has its own editing feature which allows us to enhance or be more creative with each photos. If you love customization, well you are in the right spot. It comes with different colors, text style, and more editing feature which allows you to improve every captured events in your daily life. Once you are completely satisfied with the output, you can now publish and share it to your love ones – family and friends.

However, if you want to keep some of those beautiful moments private,then you can set a pass code. Another interesting feature of this app is that, it allows us to print those special moments and then keep it in your albums or just simply pin it to your board. Aside from that, unlike any other travel app, we can use Journo Travel Journal offline and then it will be automatically synced once we get online.

The Journo Travel app is indeed amazing! Most of the features available in this app, is what people wishing to have in one travel app. Though it has a short free trial period and is not free for a life time, the quality of this app is worth the price. The joy that we get from each journaling, editing, publishing, sharing and printing can be found in this travel app.

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