Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend! The Answer to All of Your Sex Related Queries Resolved

It is a true saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But all friends are not equal and it is quite difficult to share, discuss and resolve many doubts and queries in a personal life. One topic which has been always a matter of worry for any one, is the sex & sexual health related things. Everyone is not so close to their friends that they can get help with such issues. And hence, to be a rescuer in such dilemmas,

Wiki1001: Your intimate friend is available for all the iPhones and iPad users worldwide.

This application helps anybody whether a teenager or an adult to find the solution within seconds about their sexual worries and enquiries. It is normal and obvious that everyone does not have a knowledge as much as a gynaecologist and it is not even comfortable to go to the specialist for small and common doubts. This is the reason why the Wiki1001:Your Intimate Friend, is proving to be the best friend of iPhones and iPad users all over the globe.


The practical features

Answers to almost everything – Developed after a great research work, this app answers almost all the sex and sexual health related common problems.

Your daily health news dose – The delivery of health-related news to all its users based on the category of age & gender. It supports the LGBT too, the gender option is a proof of that.

Night 2pm friend – It is an app which is free from internet support and hence does not require one for using it. Anyone can use this app for immediate access and help.

100% genuine content – All the information displayed, shared and read through this app is based entirely on true research and results of Nature Medicines, American Medical Association, CDC & NHS.

Personal health doctor – One special feature acts as a symptom checker helping to detect any kind of problem or disease in an early stage for a better cure.

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The pros of using the Wiki1001:Your Intimate Friend

Best friend of teens – Most of the teens refer the internet for any of their sex-related queries and often fall prey to wrong information. This app doesn’t let this happen.

Companion of the parents – Parents are often embarrassed to teach and share sex-related information to their children and hence Wiki1001:Your Intimate Friend solves their worries.

Personal & confidential – None of the information related to the user’s query is saved, shared or used by the developers

Disturbance free – There are no ads and hence no distractions and the internet wastage.

The cons

Belonging to the biggest smartphone network’s operating system, some flaws and inconvenience were faced by its users related to hanging up of their devices and app in between the process. But all things were cleared and resolved with the latest updates.


Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend is the application which really stand up to its name and has been of a great help to its users all over the world. So, if you are a parent worried about your children or a teenager facing some hard times related to personal hygiene and puberty, go & download this app right now.

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