onehive_iconIf you’ve ever had trouble managing multiple work items on a project then OneHive might just be the app for you. This fairly new app by HiveChecklist Inc is looking to streamline how we go about figuring out and deciding tasks when multiple people are involved. It’s interface is easy to use but still has enough features and content, that you can do exactly what you need to do without getting caught up in tutorial after tutorial. There is currently only one version on the app store and it’s free. From the sound of it, HiveChecklist is planning on keeping it this way for the foreseeable future.

Firstly, you can create as many task checklists as you require so whether your job is small or large, managing all of it’s parts isn’t a problem. These tasks are all visible within the dashboard and OneHive calls these tasks “hives” naturally fitting with the theme of the app. You can also create sub tasks or sub hives within them if you have to break down tasks into even smaller ones.

Under the checklists tab at the top of the dashboard, you can choose to share any of the hives you’ve created with anyone that you’ve added to your team. This allows you to spread the work out among your entire team so that everyone has something to do and can be held accountable. You’re also able to reorganize the hives so that higher priority items are located at the top and even create templates for hives that you use often.

There’s also a very intuitive notification system so that you can always be up to date with changes to your hives. Whether it’s new comments, checklist review, or a checklist that is fully complete, you’ll always know when a change has occurred and can take the next step.

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From your dashboard, you can also see the percentage complete on any particular checklist and even track progress on individual items. This makes it extremely easy to tell at a glance how part of the project is coming along, if it’s behind schedule or if it requires more attention.

If there are files that you need to attach to a given checklist that’s easy to do as well. OneHive can integrate directly with your Dropbox account so adding one or more files is as easy as a few taps.

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

1.) The app can work on your phone, tablet or computer so regardless of where you are, accessing it is a snap.

2.) The app is very easy to use so you don’t have to be tech savvy to get the most out of it.

3.) Streamlines task management so that rather than tracking everything across multiple forms of communication, you can do it all in one place.

Cons : 

1.) The app can sometimes crash but luckily if it does, any recent changes you’ve made are saved.

2.) There is sometimes slow down when creating large tasks.

All in all, the pros outweigh the cons and OneHive is an easy way to streamline your business and make it work more efficiently.

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