In recent times my life has been hectic so I relish every single moment I have where I could just sit down and relax by doing nothing. During these precious times, I like to bust my Android out and just get some bite-size gaming sessions in, and one of my favorite genres for these moments are racing bike. No matter what kind of racing it is, I’m bound to enjoy it. When I was perusing through the new releases last week, I stumbled on Wheelie King 3D which was professionally developed by Kimble Games and it looked like the kind of thing I needed right now and happy I picked it up.

Over the years, I’ve learned that one of the best genres for these racing sessions are bike games, where I can pick it up and play for a good chunk of time. If you’re fan of racing games in general, then Wheelie King 3D is one that players must check out. They are available at Google play store for Android platform and also exclusively available at Apple Store for iOS. From the title itself, you can generally predict that it is a 3D game so it’s really entertaining to play.

Players can experience some of the Salient features of this game.

Salient Features:

  • Customize your bikes: Passionate players can change the look of your bike. Choose any color for your bike as per your choice.
  • Multiple tracks: The users can come across many kinds of tracks that it is possible to select for riding.
  • Daily missions: You can come across so many missions that players can get in this game.
  • Race: There is a race against the ghost time attack game mode.
  • Various scooters and bikes: There are scooters of 50cc and turbo bikes of 1300cc.
  • Upgrade bikes: The zeal players can upgrade your bikes.
  • Leader boards: The users could check their achievements at the leader board.
  • Different views: The players are able to view the bike from different angles. 

If you are looking for distinctive and unique features, you will love what Wheelie King 3D has to offer. In conclusion I highly suggest Wheelie King 3D developed by Kimble Games for anyone who thoroughly enjoys absolute fast racing bike game.