updown_fitness_logoYou might be well out of your resolution track if keeping fit was your body language throughout the year. Your desire to be physically fit or in shape might not be in line with your work schedule, or the gym is too far, or you believe that a personal trainer belongs to the royal family. Who needs a personal trainer when you can find one that fits right in your pocket?

All you need is an iPhone or an iPad to access a new and improved Updown Fitness Personal Workout Trainer available at App store. The one-size-fits-all implementation of most fitness apps is not an approach that Apple has on the Updown Fitness app.

The personalized virtual trainer customizes your workouts with additional point rewards in play to further progress you on your health track. The awesome inclusions of features on the Updown Fitness App are as follows:

Cardio. The workout is on a fast pace, and you get minimal rest but in regards to weight loss, you are sure of maximal calorie burn.

Strength. The workout targets muscle development and specific body area that needs exercising.

Cross. The workout tests your muscle endurance through a combo of strength and cardio.

Core. The workout focuses on the core strengthening routine for an effective six pack buildup.

Stretch. The workout offers unique stretches that will target specific body muscles.

After a period, you then get to be an advanced user and then you can customize your workouts through the My Workout features. You will then manage your daily logs through the Log Activity feature to have a preview of the number of times you checked in for a workout during the day or in the course of the week. The event will enable you to balance your workout schedule for you to be more effective and committed to your routines.

Additionally, the continuous use of the app will take you to the advanced level where you get to embrace the custom workout tool feature. You get to select an exercise from the application’s database and creatively come up with your workout routine. You can even share your workout piece among your friends.

Let us now consider the marketing attributes that will rush you to the App stores to download and start using the awesome 25.2 MB health and fitness Updown app.

It’s Free of charge
With is functional compatibility with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, you do not need to consider any in-app purchases because it is free to download and use the Updown Fitness App.

It’s too smart
From the five workout criteria, the Updown Fitness trainer accommodates, all you have to do is just make a few taps on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to create a personalized workout that is ideal for you. It will depend on your required level of intensity, location, and available equipment, and the workout duration preference settings. The stated parameters will then assist your Updown iPhone Fitness trainer to depict smartly the workout routine that will comfortably suit you. Moreover, suggests the number of reps perform together with the exact weight to use.

It’s Social
Moreover, there is nothing more encouraging to a fitness routine than dealing with a social fitness trainer that links you to a community of people that have the same fitness routine and schedules like your own. The App enables you to trace new workout friends and buddies who you can even compete with on the leaderboard through gained points and levels as a result of your random exercises. You end up adding more fuel to your motivation schedule.
The Upword Fitness iPhone App also entails some drawbacks.

It’s currently supported by iOS only and thus makes its accessibility to Android and Windows users a challenge and thus sharing the workout experience with Windows and Android friends is becomes a barrier.

Finally, the support of workout animations in addition to visual and audio timers incorporates its distinctive platform. With a virtual trainer that depicts the number of reps you need to accomplish together with the required weight to use without charging you a dime, there is absolutely no excuse for being out of shape.

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