Buddypass Chat App: Connect and Meet New People Through Sharing Local Events, Hobbies and Passions

Who in this world doesn’t love interacting and meeting new great friends? Absolutely no one! Such kind of meetings especially in related events can induce great excitement. This is because they offer a chance to learn new things, get new experiences, and share wonderful moments and even end up creating long-lasting friendships. Ever thought of an app that can efficiently facilitate such kind of interaction? No need to worry at all! The ultimate next-gen social app is absolutely the Buddypass Chat. 

Designed with a social aspect, this high-quality app offers an incredible platform of interaction and meeting of new friends. It focuses on connecting individuals in relation to their passions, experiences, hobbies and interests. By using “Groups”, “Events” and “New Friends” options, users from all over the world can meet and interact through chatting. With a simple, efficient and user-friendly interface, Buddypass Chat app is the new face of interaction and meeting new people!

The Functionality of Buddypass Chat app

The version 2.2 of this app has integrated the user interface that is highly improved and absolutely functional. Thus, the user finds it quite simple to locate new friends, groups and events in the surrounding city. Whether one is in Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, the app is operational and it is easy to communicate and engage in different chats with new people. All that one need is to enter a group in which they share common interests, past experience hobbies, passions and opinions. Interestingly, the entire experience is fun-filled and exciting.

There is a lot of learning and experiencing great moment especially if one actively engages in the conversation. Besides, its seamless functionality and up-to-date information keeps the group members and chatting lively due to quick response. Ready to get started? It is time to make new friends and engage in interesting chats with new people from around the world!

Suitable Devices for Buddypass Chat app

This app has made great improvements in boosting the overall performance. Meanwhile, this can be best achieved if there is a strong device to support the overall functionality. Thus, the available compatible devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Besides, the user is recommended to use iOS 7.0, 8 or 9+ in order to get the best performance.

There are distinct features that one will come across when using the Buddypass Chat app. They include the following:

Establish long-lasting friends

Apparently, Buddypass Chat app offers an efficient platform where one can get a chance to chat with new people and get to know them. Actually, through maintaining constant chats and engaging in different activities based on similar interests and passions, this can move the friendship to the next level. Additionally, this app comes with the option of accepting or declining friend requests. Besides, one can also opt to invite friends to experience Buddypass Chat app via text or social platforms.

Identify different events at the local city

Whether it is a new locality or the home city, Buddypass Chat app offers great link to understand what is happening in the surrounding area. This app comes with different topics in relation to different events which may either be indoor or outdoor. Thus, the user can choose the preferred event, engage in the chat initiated and get updated with related information.

A chance to communicate with new people

It always becomes a bit challenging to meet new people especially in a new neighborhood. Actually, one might wonder on how to get started. With Buddypass Chat app, mingling has been made much easier, fun and convenient. First, it is all about identifying which group one should join. This will mostly be based on the interests, past experiences, passion and hobbies that one loves. The next step is to get started and get to know new friends in a great way!

Discover new hobbies and practice them

A trip to a new city can always come with great experience especially after meeting with new people. Buddypass Chat app is an interactive app that enables the user to identify new hobbies in the surrounding location. By checking on the “Events” platform, one can decide to try out some of them; they may include indoor or outdoor sports activities, gossip sessions in chatrooms. Other hobbies that one can engage into include bike riding, watching movies and mingling with new friends.

High quality graphics

The entire formation of Buddypass Chat app has integrated high quality graphics that entails colorfully-designed themes and display. Thus, the entire experience with this great app is absolutely amazing. The interface is also user-friendly and highly enhanced to make the overall experience great and much easier!

Check below for the Pros and Cons that can be identified in the Buddypass Chat app:


  • Great platform for meeting new people
  • Amazing easy-to-interact platform
  • A chance to indentify and try new hobbies
  • Fun-filled app with a chance to mingle
  • Facilitate sharing experiences with friends


  • Mild in performance due to bugs
  • May induce mild sexual content

Final Verdict

Chatting with new people has always not been really effective. This is especially due to lack of connection linkage that can help initiate communication. Buddypass Chat app has made this process much easier by bringing together individuals from the surrounding locality. It is now possible for people with different passions, hobbies, interests and past experiences to interact and even create long-lasting friendships. Clearly, Buddypass Chat is an incomparable social chat app that is highly recommended. Download it today from App Store for free and chat with new people in the locality!

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