If you are a tourist you’ll love to use this app, because most of the travelers didn’t get much information about their destiny and suggestions to make a memorable trip. That’s why Travi is a wonderful application that makes a good companion for your all travel needs. Several other apps that generate itinerary schedule for you but in those apps, you had to research and collect data for your destination but here Travi does everything for you, All you have to do is choosing your destination.

Travi comes under the travel category in the store and only for iPhones and iPads with iOS 13.0 or later versions. In future updates, developers will come up with the addition and improvisation for planning single day trips and road trips, and also getting information about concerts and sports events within the cities.

Whenever we planning for a vacation or exploring a trip, we used to collect a lot of information about destiny. What if an app can provide all information in a single click, yeah! That’s the special feature in Travi.

After installing the app, you need to log in with details and then choose the place which you desired to travel. After choosing the place, Travi will produce details about the destination and also the latest tourist attractions. This app also helps you to find the tickets for trains and flights then you can add the reservation timings in your account to be notified. With the help of the ML algorithm, Travi makes the best food and hotel options along with your schedule.

Travelers don’t need any special guide to explore if they have this application, Travi is very safe to use and it won’t track your location during traveling and keep your information as yours only. Also, it can direct you to the point of interest and shows the opening and closing time information to schedule. The next special feature in this app was communication between other fellow travelers who are using Travi, you can chat with them and get more details about the place and also you can share your insights about your experience on this trip along with photos.

Other key features in Travi was its activity suggestions, by suggesting the place you need to explore around your destination and recommendations for must-visit places nearby you. Travi makes your schedule covered with all essential details and needs for your travel.

Travi comes up with a new algorithm to simplify your itinerary schedule by only using your travel dates, budget, food preferences, and activity suggestions. Simplicity is the one thing that makes Travi a unique application for travelers. For user support you can send mail to [email protected] also you can access the developer website at https://www.travi.world/, Let your travel simplified with Travi.