People see QR codes everywhere they go. When a customer scans a QR code, he will be able to get access to so much information. Users may be directed to a web link or redirected to different content for coupons, promos, offers, video/audio clips, surveys and a lot more. Using this, people can send text or email messages, promo/informational/explanatory videos, and do so much more.

They are many QR-scanner apps available in the market but not all of them work the way we desire it to be. HelpQR gives a more fluid QR scanning experience to the users. The possibilities with this app are endless and the user needs a QR scanner to scan the QR code with their phones. The HelpQR utilizes the camera of the smartphone camera to scan the QR code and then automatically loads the data.

Offered by Lieber Verwalter, HelpQR is an app that would be highly beneficial to all the readers. You need not have to remember the last time you made a QR scan. The app makes note of all the visits in the local history which enables them to keep track of all their QR scanning activities. Users can get back to it any time they prefer. Unwanted web links can be deleted whenever you don’t need them. Just clear the scan and that’s it.

The app works so fast and has got an excellent user interface. Its fluid features make it the most useful tools app available in the Google Play Store. Once the camera processes the code, HelpQR examines the black and white squares in the code’s data section and outputs the information contained within the app itself. According to Jen Schwoon, the owner of Lieber Verwalter, “HelpQR can help the users to cater their QR needs without rushing through different applications on their smartphone.”

Most of the time, you might be worried about scanning and concerned if someone is tracking your scans in between. Don’t panic! The app is always secure and your personal information is safe with them. The team always strives to work on updates of the app. In case you need the support of the team, you can contact them for details, queries or feedback. You can submit a message through the contact form on the website

HelpQR is guaranteed to give you an amazing experience and you only need to buy it once. You can use it for a lifetime. The app is now available for Android users and the iOS version is expected to be released soon. It supports both English and German languages.

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