Day after day technology controlling our lives in all aspects, and best thing to do with is how to make the most benefit from it. Nearly all of us having either Iphone or Ipad, and what is better than make use of them by making our lives easier. Edge Diary app is just doing that, it is a new application just released early this month help you manage your lifestyle by, memorizing your everyday events, also a nice relaxing way of having some fun away from business and exhausting things that we suffer all day.

Edge Diary is the best way for mangenig your everyday life, and the great news is it’s free app. It comes in many languages; English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. You can use it to save the moments and events of your daily life, and what make it special is; you get to use pictures according to what you writing about, is it happy or sad, important or usual event. Your diary will look like a novel, or a bio which you can copy and save it without any hardness for your entire life. You can also use it for other purpose like planning for your future, and save down any thoughts that come in your mind with a fun way by relating them with pictures and other events.

You get to search for what you write previously using shortcuts in case you forgot without spending time searching for what you write before. The difference between Edge Diary on Iphone and Ipad is that, it looks much wider on Ipad, like using a PC or Laptop.

What makes it different from any other app that, it looks more fresh and doesn’t restrict you with special themes, as you can add any view or picture you like not just what is offered by the app, you also get to mark your favourite writings, also past and upcoming events in case you forgot. The size of the app is less than average, it is only 35.4 MB so, it is easly downloaded and you don’t have to worry about your phone storage. The bad thing that you can’t share it with your close friends and it doesn’t have the option of recording what you say, which will be bad for you, if you not a big fan of writing, or get bored from. It is not an app that will match well with teenagers or young people, it will work perfectly for busy people, who like classical things and want to manage their lives, keep their memories and do some plans.

It is a really great experience, you can feel like having your own blog, which you not get bored from. it also workes very well if you a good writer and a big fan of stories, novels and stuffs, you also can use it to arrange your daily programs and important appointments. It is a worthy app don’t hesitate trying it.

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