People enjoy playing Carrom whenever they can, even on a vacation. Carrom is the most favorite indoor sport of lots of people, who play the game with their family, friends, neighbors, etc. Wherever there is a social gathering for entertainment, Carrom plays a special role. But these days everybody is busy and it is often hard to find playing partners. To solve this problem, Junglee Games has come up with the Carrom Stars app.

Let us take a look at the app, which is the classic board game of Carrom. Your objective is to pocket all your pucks (white or black) on the Carrom board. You will play with white pucks if you win the toss. You win by pocketing all your pucks before your opponent. You should also pocket the Queen (red puck), if it’s not been already pocketed, and cover it by pocketing another puck immediately after it. Pocketing the striker is a foul. If you don’t know the rules of Carrom, you don’t need to worry. You can easily learn the game rules and play the game in the Practice mode alone initially to master different shots. In the Multiplayer mode, you play online with real players from across the worlds.

Once you open Carrom Stars, you can register using your Facebook account or mobile number, or you can play as a guest. Carrom Stars gives you 10,000 free chips for gaming.

You have to drag the slider to move the striker. After aiming at a puck with the striker, (you will see a trajectory that shows the line of shot), you pull the striker and then release it to pocket your pucks.

Carrom Stars has three different gaming rooms: Mumbai, Dubai and London. You have to use the chips for entry fee and you win double the chips as a prize. If you run out of chips, you can buy them for a very small amounts by making an in-app purchase.

Most Notable Features of Carrom Stars

  • Best-in-class design with perfect graphics and intuitive gaming controls.
  • Unique rewards for referring your friends.
  • Two different game controllers for a real gaming experience.
  • The app doesn’t encourage gambling. Rated 4+, the app suits people of all ages.
  • Practice mode to play alone and sharpen your skills.

Carrom Stars is free to download and has ads placed by the developer. Play and enjoy most authentic Carrom anytime, anywhere with this stupendous app: you will find yourself having fun for long hours.

Worth Having App – Download the App