Can you imagine your life without mobile phones? We can forget anything else, but never forget our phones. Isn’t it? However, too much use of Smartphones is bad and sometimes it gives us stress also. So you should use them whenever needed and when you have some important work. For example, calling, chatting, making payments, job related work, etc. Another important task which you can do is trading! Yes, you can earn money at your own fingertips using trading apps and investing your money safely. R Mobile Trader is one of the most popular trading apps in the market today. It offers the most preferred mode of trading on your mobile devices.

With R Mobile Trader, you will be able to invest your money by placing your order quickly. This app has been offered by RoboForex (CY) Ltd. The app is compatible with all the iOS and Android devices in your Smartphones as well as Tablet. You can invest easily at any time and anywhere using this user-friendly app if you prefer to trade in the stock markets. Trading helps you to make more money in no time by using the best trading apps in the market. It’s very simple and easy to use and works seamlessly. It’s the most convenient way to earn money from mobile devices using this trading platform.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can start without Signing in. You can start trading in Stocks, Currencies, Gold, and Derivatives. You can go in the menu section and see the trading reports and charts and analyze them. With your understanding, you can place a request and buy any share. You can copy from the successful traders also and make deposits because the app has a copy-trading platform integration (CopyFX). All the payments made on this app are safe and secure.

If you’re new to trading, you can also create a virtual demo account and learn about the financial market from the successful traders.

It gives you a list of the market’s top gainers as well as losers in the stock market. You can do everything on this app from trading stocks, currency exchange, CFD online trading, equity trading, investing in the indices to monitoring the global market. You can also trade in Gold, currency pairs, stocks, indices and derivatives. It has fourteen trading indicators and provides you information like forecasts, news, economic events, online trading signals and currency quotes from its analytical sources.

The app gives you regular updates and notifications about all the new stocks and your previous stocks. You can buy or sell whenever you want to! There are a lot of features of the app which makes it unique. It’s seamless and easy to use platform is just awesome. You will get live trading reports,  historical charts and receive alerts on your mobile device. You can get access to the market in just a few seconds and very easily. The app can also be launched from your browser if you don’t want to login from your mobile phone.

Overall, it’s an app worth using. I will recommend it to everyone who wants to trade in the stock market. Get the app now!

Pros: online mobile trading; 14 trading indicators; easy to use; works seamlessly; live trading reports; safe and secure; free to use.

Cons: none.

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