Since the inception of MONPETIT.RO, their vision has been to dress the little ones beautifully and to provide moms and dads with a diverse selection of clothing for girls, boys, and babies.

They understand how difficult it is to dress our children and keep up with new trends. At MONPETIT.RO, they consider not only trends but also the needs of parents. As a result, we propose providing a special selection of children’s clothing to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for parents.

The clothes are designed to make our children feel comfortable and at ease, whether they are playing, reading a book, or eating. They will continue to do our best to provide clothing that makes our “little” customers’ lives better.

How can I order?

It’s easy to order on MONPETIT.RO. After you have added the desired products to the shopping cart, press the »Finish« button. Create a customer account. As a new customer, you can do this very simply during the ordering process and you are logged in automatically. If you already have a customer account, you can simply log in with your user data (username or email address and password). Then you have to go through the order process steps (Delivery address – Payment method – Confirmation), after which you can complete the order.

Can I also order by phone?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. But our customer service will help you if you have questions about placing an order online, about the return process or with any other problem.

Is there a minimum order value?

There is no minimum order value on MON PETIT. The minimum order amount depends on the chosen financial partner.

What happens after I complete the order?

After completing the order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This will contain the items purchased, your shipping and billing address, and your chosen payment method. If you have any questions, you can always contact customer service by phone or email.

What payment methods are accepted?

The following payment methods are accepted: Visa card, MasterCard and cash on delivery.

Do I need to create an account to be able to buy from the site?

Yes. To be able to order, you must have a customer account. Registration is very simple. You only need to enter a username, email address and password.

Final Words

MonPetit are aware that there are numerous online stores for baby and children’s clothing in the Romanian market and MonPetit understand how difficult it is to dress our children and keep up with their growth. The MonPetit store assists parents by offering a wide range of adorable, high-quality clothing and accessories for children at reasonable prices.