All of us share a lot of items on social media and we become much influential and most people love to share the things we post. Sometimes the most important shares go unnoticed. At times, we wish to make note of things we see online but we somehow miss them. If all of this is integrated into one single platform, it would get a lot better. Yes, Medalist is an app that allows you to rank what you have tried and mark those that you want to try and also look upon what others love. 

Medalist is an iOS app that falls under the Lifestyle category in the App Store. It allows you to bring anything under the sky that you love to view and share in one single place. It allows you to do anything like taking notes of recipes or films, keeping track of the films you have watched and want to watch later, noting your favourite star on screen, etc. Whatever it is that you do, it would be greatly useful if you have the Medalist app with you. It helps you remember what you want and rank those of what you have done and keep track of what you already love.

With Medalist, users can create different categories for each item they love into two lists namely the bench and the podium. The bench is for remembering things you wish to try and the podium is for saving the things you have already tried. It assists you in creating rich memories and sharing the items that you love with others in the circuit. The app is for sure a great boon to all those who love to explore products, the creators, those who have a great sense of taste and also to those who are forgetful. Keeping track of great and personal recommendations is so easy with this app.

Users will be able to share items into Medalist, add links to them and do a lot more. There is a widget that allows you to add items from your home screen. The app has options of improved sharing that comes with a feed and enhanced performance. The activity notification alerts you when some other user watches your list, poach your items and post comments. It makes you the most influential person on social media as you share the things you discover and follow what others are trying to love.

Medalist occupies a space of 60.5 MB and the latest version comes with options that allow you to see who poached. Medalist makes your privacy as their priority. The only data that is collected is the user content, identifiers and usage data. Medalist requires iOS 12.0 or later and macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip.

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