The Importance Of Android App Testing :

First of all you need to test the android app prior to adding it for the Play Store.

Android, which has appeared as the most popular and accepted mobile platform has also managed to revolutionize mobile industry. Now days it is not just considered as the mobile platform. These days, it is considered as the prime mean to accomplish personal and business needs or purposes in an efficient manner. In order to take the use of android app up, now user friendly apps are announced for the market. If you have an android smartphone, then you can now use it with its full potential while installing high quality and more user friendly android apps for it. This is surely going to offer you the best use of android smartphone and can make your life easier than ever before.

Most of the time, people expect that a quality android app can offer them superb user experience. These apps need to remain free from coming up with certain errors as well as bugs. These days, people can find so many choices while searching for the best android apps. Due to this reason a few bugs or slight error can make them feel really negligible with that app and they may not offer enough importance to install it for their android smartphone. So, this is really important to test the android apps before they are announced for the end users. During these tests, bugs and errors need to be traced and eliminated if there is any. These types of work need to be done before these apps are published for the Play Store.

For the success of Apps, App testing can play a major role:

In order to develop a technically sound and user friendly app, the app developers have to put in a lot of effort. Due to this reason, they will never want to come up with such an app that is loaded with bugs as well as errors. To ensure that their apps remain bug and error free both the testing and development teams have to put in utmost effort and care. They have to write the codes very carefully and also need to test that app vigorously in order to make sure that it remains bug and error free. Therefore, these two teams need to work together so that the testing results can come in clean.

Advanced testing methods and tools:

When you are manually trying to test the app in order to make it error free, you will come across several challenges. Due to this reason, the testing team uses the most advanced tools and methods to make the app bug and error free. In order to fasten that app testing, a beta version needs to be released and handed over to the testing team first. once the tests are completed, the development team needs to collect the results quickly and make the necessary changes if needed.

These days, you can find several advanced and high end testing tools which can be availed through the digital world. These high end tools are designed to help the development team in terms of producing the beta version of the app quickly so that it can be shared for the testing team. In this way, the testing team can capture the errors and bugs easily and quickly while using the most advanced tools used for testing. This type of procedure helps the development and testing team to come up with an error free and bug free app that can be released further for the market to help the end users.

Error free and bug free apps can attract the users easily:

Error and bug free apps can attract the users easily. Apps with good ratings and reviews are always accepted in the market. Once the rating for the app increases, it gets automatically recognized by app stores. Due to this reason, the chances for the app to get downloaded by the users will remain higher. More downloads can be received for such app. There are really many tools now available for leading mobile platforms. Even for the android smartphone, users can find these advanced tools easily! However, paid tools are always considered to be the most genuine and effective ones that the free tools that can be availed through the digital world.

Testing the android app:

Android is always considered as one of the secured and popular mobile platform. Due to this reason, apps announced for this type of mobile platform needs to be error and bug free. If the app is not bug or error free, then it may fail to attract the users. If this happens, then it can appear as the biggest barrier for the success of your app development efforts.

Android like mobile platform delivers several advanced tools through which testers can test these apps effectively. It’s the framework that is also assigned with an effective testing framework which is really helpful in terms of testing all the aspects related to an app. Testers can even run the SDK tools in order to set up the applications and to run them in the most efficient manner. There are also devices and emulators through which the testing of the app can be performed securely and quickly.

Features assigned for the Framework designed for the testing of Android app:

The framework means a lot for the testing of the android app. This is also considered as the most vital aspect for every development unit. This delivers the right architecture as well as powerful tools which can be used for testing every part associated with the android app. This framework can also be used to test all the levels related to the app.

  • These tools to test the android apps are base in JUnit. In reality it is the class which doesn’t state the fact that tests for the android API can be performed while using the plain JUnit. While using the extensions of the JUnit, components of the android can be tested.
  • The result driven through these tests can also be used for preparing the mock objects as well as methods and this is exactly helpful in terms of controlling the component’s lifecycle.
  • Testers also prefer to use the SDK tools which can be availed through Eclipse and they can be used for the tests and development of ADT. These tools are really helpful in terms of creating the files that are required for the test package.

As testing is considered as the most vital phase for the development of just any android app, app developers cannot really ignore this step whatsoever. If you ignore this step, then the success of the app can hamper in many ways. In order to develop an error free android app, you should take help of experienced and highly professional app developers.