pgptools_logoAre you keen to mix convenience and simplicity? If so, then take advantage of PGPTools- Android app developed by SJ Software. This is an outstanding and highly secure program to encrypt and decrypt data through verification of email messages. It uses encrypted files and digital signatures. This ushers in cryptography and authentication of data communication. PGPTools is simple and convenient to use; sign, encrypt, decrypt- texts, emails, files, and discs. This enhances email communication security. PGPTools was updated recently on September 8, 2015. It has a size of 1.5 M with it’s currently version of 1.9. It is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above.


Encrypt Incoming Messages:

Email communications require a high level of security, especially when receiving incoming messages. You need that privacy from unwanted users. PGPTools are the best; they are safe and accord your email messages that much needed privacy. Encrypting a message is to vary the content of the message by changing it from a readable text to cipher text. Only the intended user who has the private key that match with the public key that was used to encrypt the message will decipher the message for easy reading. The unauthorized user will only see the message in a garbled state. With PGPTools, you get security.


PGPTools have changed over time, with new versions coming to the market. The tools are designed to match with the changing needs and features. The tools are compatible with Android versions of above 4.0. PGPTools partners with the old generation tools capabilities to provide high-efficiency tools that high-security definition for email communications.

Digital Signatures:

PGPTools upholds the idea of integrity checking and message authentication. Integrity checking helps to ensure that the message has not been altered from the time of its completion. However, message authentication validates the message comes from the real sender or entity. For the sole reason that the message is sent when encrypted makes it hard to vary it and if done a mismatch occurs thus denying the legitimate user to view the message. The sender appreciates PGPTools to create a digital signature.

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Importing of Existing PGP Keys:

For the best import, you need PGPTools installed. This presents an opportunity for one to take advantage of pair of keys by importing or exporting. PGPTools works with key manager to create, import and export keys. It brings about proper organization and planning. The tool makes it simple to import, create and export key making it easy to use the existing keys. PGPTools are vast in key management functionality.


PGPTools are designed with simplicity to enable the user less time to learn and use it. It has simple features that work hand in hand with the user needs. With it are well-defined interfaces you get o enhance your email communication. Simple, convenience and user-friendly defines the tool. With PGPTools everything is in your fingertips as with a simple touch on the screen you are in a position to encrypt email message and send it to the intended user conveniently.

Parting Shot:

The above are fascinating features of PGPTools App. Get, Own and Feel it.

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