When you take project management a deliverable is generally defined as a measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item which must be produced to complete a project milestone. Moreover a deliverable might come in the form of poster, PowerPoint deck, code release, wireframe and blueprint.

It is always noted that how much activity is completed by you and your dedicated team members, until a deliverable is finally produced and wholly accepted by your client, you might not get paid so deliverable is crucial factor.

Depending on the client one might select to exclude some of the below deliverables or modify them to fit the requirements of your project.

  • Factor of Initiation: Project Charter, Project Kickoff Deck
  • Feature of Planning: Key Stakeholder List, Project Plan, Risk Log, Communication Plan, Key Performance Indicator Definitions, Work Breakdown Structure
  • Important Execution: Work Products
  • High range of Performance/Monitoring: Status Reports, Change Requests, Project Plan Updates, Risk Identification/Mitigation
  • Factor of Closure: Project Overview Presentation, Transition Plan, Project Retrospective

It is always illustrated that crafting your deliverable strategy comprises undertaking the following crucial activities respectively as Definition, Deconstruction, Assignment, Progress Tracking and Quality Review.

Different Kinds of Deliverables

There are three kinds of deliverables in a complex project respectively as:

  • Recurring Deliverables – Risk log or weekly status update given to the client.
  • Interim Deliverables – Inputs that aid the development of the final deliverable.
  • Final Deliverable – The complete project.

Even the most experienced managers could not predict when a deliverable might be removed, added or modified. The quality thing to do is to incorporate a best strategy for managing changes, and this incurs outlining process steps for any kind of reviewing and approval to changes in the entire budget, apt timelines and or deliverables by course of project stakeholders.

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