There are several benefits of tracking time and it is not only good way to create estimates but also assists you to predicting your behavior and improving your business. So once you get used to a time tracking tool, people feel more informed and highly motivated to improve their project management skills.

You can certainly improve your workflow

It requires a simple process so that you don’t spend way too much time on a project and plan projects smartly. After you begin tracking your time you can definitely notice that you might be taking more than an hour to research a 500-word article. Such insights would assist you notice to your areas of improvement and could begin finding new strategy ways to simplify the process.

Better to stop procrastinating

According to latest study 20 percent of men and women are actually chronic procrastinators. Also most procrastinators beat themselves up when they fail to put things off even after many repeated attempts.

Thus by tracking time people can not only avoid procrastination but also make smarter quality decisions. So you are aware of the fact that a timer is ticking and would make you careful about wasting any moment on unnecessary things.

Best to avoid Multitasking

According to a report multitasking primarily causes 40 percent drop in productivity. It also suggests that multitasking might seem effective on the surface but might generally take more time in the end and involve more number of errors.

Finally tracking your time greatly assists you to increase your business revenue. Moreover it also establishes you as a trustworthy professional and can use your time wisely with better time management.

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