According to the data of Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker provided by International Data Corporation (IDC), in the first quarter of 2015 the vendors shipped the total number of 334.4 million smartphones throughout the world which is 16.0% up from the first quarter of 2014’s 288.3 million units. As expected, Android has dominated the smartphone market with the 78.0% share in the first quarter of the current year. And Samsung has again reasserted its globally leading position with the renewed focus on the lower-priced smartphones.

All these above mentioned statistics clarify that Android has kept on taking the maximum room in the mobile market. Therefore, there is least fear of the saturation of Android as for the upcoming years Android’s market is no way slowing down. So it is the high time for the Android App developers as they are mostly being sought after by the big and reputed brands. If app development is your aim and you have not yet planned to take any professional training, then it is the ultimate time for you to quit everything and concentrate in Android app development.

There are numerous ways to learn Android app development. So among the abundant resources, let’s have a look on the 5 best ways to learn Android app development.

Learning Android App Development

1In the first step of app design and development for Android phones you need to learn Java. Without having the knowledge of Java if you try to learn Android, it can be comparable to trying to ride of a Ferrari without the knowledge of driving in the first place!! To acquire knowledge in Java, you can look in here-

2When you will get acquainted with the essential knowledge on Java, you can move on to Android app development tutorials. Here are some references with which you can start your Android learning-

3In the next step you should search for some good tutorial videos in order to obtain hands-on learning. You can search randomly on Google or YouTube. Even here are some helpful links for you-

  • Video of Android User groups
  • Video of XDA Developers

4All theoretical knowledge must need practical implementation. After acquire knowledge on Android programming, you should start creating your own application based on what you have learnt. You may revert the above mentioned tutorials and skim through some eBooks such as

  • Android tutorial
  • App Inventor eBook

5To acquire in depth knowledge on Android app development, you can go for some courses provided by different institutions. Even Google offers a crash course on this topic. For detailed information you can follow here . or you may search your own to get some online training.

6 Also read 5 Tips on Android App Development for Beginners available for beginners available at