Stop Rape App LogoWritten by: Charles E. Campell

In the United States, women on college campuses and in the military are being assaulted and raped at an alarming rate. This is a US and Global Crisis that requires a solution. The Stop Rape App was created as a Wearable app for the Smartwatch. It can call the local police, send text alerts to family and friends and record the rapist. This video is automatically streamed to our servers for storage. Local Police will be required to register and pay a fee to access the video recordings of the sexual assault or rape for arrest and prosecution of the rapist.

Additionally, women working in agriculture in the US and around the world are at risk of sexual assault and rape from men who work with them or supervise them. I’ve also heard that similar problems exist in India, the Middle East and North and Central African Countries. The Stop Rape App has the potential to provide evidence to prosecute rapist globally and finally end sexual assault and rape of women forever.

As an app developer, I feel a personal responsibility to build technology that make a difference for humanity. I see all women as having the rights to safety, protection and freedom. They are our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts. The Stop Rape App is available exclusively for Android Wearables to women wherever there is an internet or WiFi connection.

Stop Rape App was created to protect women serving in the military, attending college, in the workplace, with disabilities, and women at-risk living in nursing care facilities. It’s available globally and offers women in India and African Countries a tool created for the Wearable Smart Watch Device that will reduce the number of sexual assaults and rapes. The Stop Rape App calls 911 and send a text alert to the local police, and designated family and friends. It will collect video evidence during a sexual assault or rape automatically and streams that evidence to a secure database. Local Police Departments can register through the app to access the video evidence for the prosecution of rapist.

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