More recently advanced trends along with digital development have made collectibles 21st-century kind of lifestyle. In addition, efficacious terms like Digital trading cards, digital collectibles, NFT portfolio and Pokemon NFTs have become famous with rising blockchain technology implementation.

It is elaborated that Digital trading cards are not only virtual kind equivalents of physical trading cards, but they could be utilized to bridge talent with valid supporters. With VirtualStaX, a TurnCoin powered platform, users all over the globe could develop their own, personalized collectibles called StaX and get the immense support they require. VirtualStaX can be developed in the StaXApp by users from several sectors like business, arts, and sports among others.

In case of a person is interested in developing their own digital trading card, could actually acquire a BaseStaX, and whereas supporters could acquire them to be part of the person’s journey and wholly support the talented person when purchasing BaseStaX. In addition, the supporters could collect them, apt reminiscent of NFT collection cards, and good profit with the talent’s ongoing immense success and prime growth.

More precisely the Digital cards could not only support the developer but charities as well. While developing the card in the digital trading cards app, the card author can select whether they wish to devote a part of their income to a charity kind. VirtualStaX adeptly works with two foundations presently namely Heart of Compassion and Heart of Sport.

The Heart of Sport foundation provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to fulfill their sports zeal aspirations. It does so by offering them with equipment, scholarships and training they require developing their careers. Moreover, the funds could also go to financial planning, counseling and kind like rehabilitation of athletes all over the globe. They are all wholly inspired by NFT digital collection technology.

Primarily the Heart of Compassion is strongly focused on offering food, water, health, and human rights to the places that require to the most. The culture of this foundation mostly revolves around the globe Ubuntu which generally means, I am because of who we are. This good spirit of unification and willingness to actively change are fundamental base to a strong foundation.

Thereby by utilizing blockchain technology based on NFT collection cards, the respective invested funds are assured to go to the mentioned foundations, as the adept technology offers immutability, guaranteeing that the funds go to the desired kind of place when an actual transaction is wholly made on the popular blockchain.

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