Today, there are lots of apps which can track the activity of your Smartphone and steal the data of your phone unknowingly. You never know who is spying on you. So it’s better to take prevention before anything takes place by finding the devices near you. You can find a device for sharing some media or if you want to know who is spying upon you. It’s very important to know about the devices that are closer to your Smartphone and keep an eye on us.

Besides the fact that a new iOS app is launched every day, there is a huge number of ratings, where the top, best, most useful and other programs are collected. iPhone with its competent usage can bring you great benefits in all areas of your life. That’s why I looked at the best Bluetooth apps for iOS that will definitely make your life easier and turn your device into an indispensable tooland I got one. Snifferton is an app which helps you to discover the devices near you such as a Smartphone, and apple TV or an Android tile, etc.

Snifferton has been developed by Thomas Thompson and it requires iOS 13.2 or any later versions and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With the use of Snifferton, you can identify any Bluetooth device which comes in contact with your device. To begin with, this app, you need to install the app on your device and login. The dashboard of the app displays the total device count along with the timestamp, signal and other details as well. It also gives you the information of the recently added devices with you.

The background of the app has been just awesome and is having wonderful themes and graphics. The list of the devices, displays the name of each individual device along with the signal it has. Whenever you go out and want to connect with someone via this app, you have the option to save multiple locations and have them synced with other devices. This helps you to scan the devices that come closer to your Smartphone.

Snifferton is an awesome platform for the iOS users as they can easily connect with the cross-platforms as well such as Android or any other Operating System. The interface of the app is very neat and clean and it works flawlessly.  It makes your life easier by simply connecting with the devices near you and keeping an eye on them. The users are alerted whenever any new devices come nearer to your Smartphone up to half a football length and you can keep track of as many devices as you want to!

Snifferton is available for free to download on the iTunes Store and offers in-app purchases and there are promotional offers as well. The cloud subscription is available at just US $ 4.99 pre tax per month. Snifferton takes only 1.1 MB of space which is just a negligible storage space and this app is rated 4+ stars on the App Store. So get the app now, before anyone Spy on your Smartphone! Enjoy Sniffing!

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