Smartphones apps help you in addiction recovery and make it easier for you to track your sobriety and get in touch with others who are on the same page. One such app released by the Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is the Sober Living App. No matter how long you have been under treatment, you can get help from the support community and meet your treatment goals by downloading this recovery app.

The app keeps you motivated by providing all the programs that are essential for leading a sober life. The Sober Living App is available for men, women and LGBTQ individuals to manage the transition from rehab to an independent sober life. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes are located in Texas and Colorado and these homes are well structured and clean and they provide a convenient commute via public transportation for all its residents. All such details are present in the app and the users will be able to choose the home they prefer, view payment options, etc.

The app is a repository of info like the contact information, billing, check-ins, guidelines, schedules and a lot more. The Eudaimonia Recovery Home is ready to assist all the individuals who wish to return to their independent lives after substance abuse treatment. All their programs are well designed to assist you in a lifelong sobriety. Not only does the app help you in your journey, it provides an ongoing motivation, assists you in developing new habits and also connects you to a number of peers who are working towards the same goal.

The sober living app can be found on the ‘Health & Fitness’ category of the App Store and the Play Store and is available for all devices including iOS and Android. It has got a very clean and a neat user interface that lets you handle everything quite easily in just a few clicks. It gives different tasks and reward points when you participate in recovery/house meetings, complete check-ins and drug tests, etc.

Depending upon their requirements all the residents of the ERH can call for help from a friend, report their concern, and receive addiction treatment and other things they need just with a single touch of the app. All the staff members are happy to assist anytime. The app gives the facility check-ins, social event calendar, sign-up sheet for sponsorships, medication updates, schools, and employment opportunities, recovery meetings and all the other necessary info related to your rehab after substance abuse.

I much appreciate Nova Recovery for coming up with this awesome app. Download the sober living app now and be in the know of your own personal sobriety.

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