Do you live in the U.S.? Ever wanted to send a gift to another person living somewhere far away from you? Practically, it might seem difficult but actually it can be done with GiftYa. Yes, just by selecting a local or national merchant in the GiftYa, you can send gifts across. For the convenience of the users, it is now available in the form of an app as well.

GiftYa is an app that belongs to the ‘shopping’ category and using this is much easier than buying a gift card from the store. The app makes it easy for use to get, send and control the way you manage your gifts. It utilizes the power of technology in people’s hands and all it takes is just a few seconds.

GiftYa is the ultimate gifting technique for the new millennium. It works in five simple steps. All that you must do is to text a GiftYa to any recipient on your cell phone. It allows you to select any merchant, organization or service anywhere across the country for gifting. Users will be able to personalize the gift by means of a photo or a video to convey a personal message. The gift can be scheduled to be delivered immediately or any time later. Now, the recipient can connect it with a VISA or MasterCard and use it until the amount in it is finished.

Once the GiftYa is sent to the recipient, he/she receives a text message. On opening it, the receiver will be able to see the message you sent as a video/text. As they add it to their card, they can use it with the merchant that the GiftYa is tied with. This unique method ensures that the recipient uses the gift no matter what. You will no longer have to worry about the gifts being lost, stolen or left unattended until they expire. The most inspiring thing about the app is that it allows you to add a personal touch to the gift with a message and also you have the privilege of choosing a gift wrapper. When the receiver unwraps the message, they would get the real feel of opening up a present.

GiftYa is an app that fits on all iOS and Android devices and is completely free of charge. It is available in English and comes with a rating of 4+. Send personalized gifts and get them received in less than a minute with GiftYa – a gift that is never lost or stolen.

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