What a virus does to your system? It mainly disturbs your computer system and create a path for hackers to control your system from a distant position. If you’re handling some important transactions from your computer, it’ll be visible to that hacker if it is attacked by a virus! Mostly, 30% of all the systems hacked are business computers. But don’t worry, if a problem arises, then there must be a solution for sure! You can take some preventive measures against virus attack. Just like we need an anti-allergic or antibiotic tablet to cure ourselves from an infectious disease. In the same way, we need an antivirus to cure our computer system and Smartphones from virus. For this we have the latest version of antivirus to protect you from malicious software. It’s called CM Security Master Antivirus.

The app has been developed by Cheetah Mobile and it’s compatible with the Android devices having 4.0 or any later version of the OS. The app has more than 100 million downloads. I hope you can estimate about how useful this app is!

CM Security is the #1 Antivirus and Privacy Protection application for Android users. It protects your apps from snoopers via AppLock. The app which is important to you must be protected. Isn’t it? So here we have an App Lock through which you can lock so many apps by applying either a password, a pattern or a fingerprint. Also, it catches intruders who try to unlock your protected apps by taking their selfie and notifies you with intruder’s photo by sending it via email. You can choose different AppLock themes according to your style and even use your own photos.

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Moreover, the app keeps your device safe from viruses, vulnerabilities, and spyware. It takes only 10 seconds to detect a virus, Trojans, malware, and privacy leak and removes them immediately with a single tap. Additionally, it contains all needed features to optimize your phone, including boost, booster, cleaner, battery saver, safe VPN connection, Notification cleaner, and call block. It notifies about junk files so that you can clean them and free up storage.

The CM Security Master Antivirus app helps to clear your cache while scanning threats and junk files, keeping it guarded and protected. It boosts the performance of your phone, increases battery life and keep the system running fast. The most amazing feature that distinguishes it from other apps is that it offers Safe Connect VPN protection which enhances security while accessing your favorite contents. It identifies if there are any Wi-Fi phishing scams. It makes the Wi-Fi connection not only safe, but also boost its speed.

If the app notifications are irritating you again and again, then No Problem! You can sweep junk notifications and get rid of them. It prevents trash notifications from jamming and slowing down your phone’s overall performance and boosts your phone’s battery life. Its privacy cleaner keeps your personal information safe and erases your personal information from the clipboard and browsing records, including online videos, shopping, and banking. This latest version of the app is very much improved now and is beautifully designed.

So what else you want. I think it has everything to fulfil your needs! Am I right? You can check it out in the App Store now!

Pros: fastest antivirus app; privacy cleaner; Wi-Fi protection; Applock to protect your apps from intruders; anti theft intruder selfie; junk clean master; disguise cover; free.

Cons: none.

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