Privacy and security should be an utmost priority. In our society today wherein technology has been part of our identity and source of our personal information, we have to protect our gadgets. Mobile phones and tablets comes handy and negligence of these might result a lot of information spill. We have to protect our gadgets and prevent unnecessary scenarios by ensuring security locks. Sure, we have available and built in screen locks on our gadgets but how many times our friends were able to open our phones? How many times it is so easy for them to sneak and read our messages on our mobile phones? How many times we have to change our password over and over again? We have to have a security lock that isn’t that obvious and easy to open. We have to worry no more here comes, Rocket – an animated screen lock from LockerApps.

Rocket brings a twist on your screen lock. This is not the usual boring screen lock.Strangers will be confused on how to unlock a gadget with this screen lock because of its’ animation, when you look at the screen and try to open it , it looks like an ordinary wall paper and that’s what we really wanted, right? Every time you try to unlock your phone or tablet an animated Rocket will appear on your screen. You have to swipe or slide up with your fingers as the animated rocket goes up too, is needed to unlock the screen. The background image changes as the rocket goes up creating an illusion of travelling the outer space!

It has a friendly user interface, very easy and very manageable to use. The application is available to all android devices. You just have to download the application on Google Playstore, launch or open the application, and customize your pin code. You can also opt to disable or enable screen notifications. There’s also a clock display on the screen. The application is only 2.68 MB that make this memory friendly for the gadgets.

Very user friendly. It looks like an ordinary wallpaper making it tricky for strangers.The animation makes the screen lock look cool and not boring.The application is only 2.68 MB.

You have to disable first the pin code or password setting of your phone, for it doesn’t synchronize with the phone itself. If you’ll not be able to turn it off, you have to unlock the Rocket screen lock and then the screen lock of your phone.Limited animation. You don’t have any other options to change the animations.It doesn’t look professional. It looks like that it suits only to teens or kids gadgets. If you’re an adult and working professionally the animation looks awkward to be seen by your clients, boss or office mates.

Final verdict:
Well the simplicity of this application makes this more efficient. The tricky animation makes any stranger be confused on how they are going to access the screen lock not knowing it’s already in front of them. This screen lock is very advisable to be downloaded, looking forward for the future developments for this application like different themes and animations to choose from.

Download From Google Play