MyScript announces the release of MyScript Web Components. The modular pieces of code allow developers to rapidly implement handwriting recognition in their applications. MyScript Web Components also feature a rich Math component, providing a turnkey solution for developers who need to quickly add math recognition to their applications.

myscriptjs math
MyScript Web Components leverage Polymer project components and MyScriptJS, an open source library that speeds up the development of handwriting interfaces for web applications. MyScriptJS supports common tasks involved in implementing the handwriting user interface, including ink capture, rendering, and requests to the MyScript Cloud recognition service. MyScriptJS also manages API calls, using HTTP/REST or WebSocket protocols. Code samples, API reference, and extensive documentation are provided to further aid developers in their implementations.


Recognition tools for natural user interfaces


Text Covers the written language needs of over 95% of world population with ability to edit in real-time using natural gestures.


Math Delivers interactive mathematical exercises and complex equations creation using 200+ symbols, characters and operators.


Shape Recognizes more than 20 basic geometric shapes, including triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, ellipses, arrows, arcs and more.


Music Enables the recognition of 100+ music elements and combinations which can be parsed to generate MusicXML documents.


MyScript Web Components are available on GitHub. A valid MyScript Cloud account is necessary to use the Web Components. Developers can create a MyScript Cloud account (for free) by signing up on the MyScript Developer Program web site