StressScan is an Android application that measures your stress level with your smartphone by just placing your finger on the screen over your phone camera for only two minutes. In a scale of 1 to 100 the application scientifically analyses your stress level physically and mentally helping you reconsider your lifestyle according to the results you get.


The app allows you to monitor your stress day by day you can even check your stress tendency on a calendar. You can also monitor effects of various things such as some types of foods on stress level, how your relaxation level while doing your favorite activity such as sporting or travelling. The scan is able to analyse your nervous system and give you results of your stress level on a scale of 1 to 100. By measuring your stress level you can be able to avoid several diseases which are caused by stress and hence live a healthy lifestyle.

App usage

The app is compatible with devices that have a camera and flash. A good internet connection is also required to use the app.

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The app enables self diagnosis saving you time and money you would have used to see a specialist. By monitoring your heart rate on a daily basis you are able to know your level of stress and take necessary measures to manage it and avoid chronic diseases that are stress associated. By the help of the app you can also know various stressors and avoid or control them.


The app  is only compatible with smartphone devices that have camera and flash. You cannot use it without internet connection limiting its usage. Some people can get more nervous when they find out their heart rate has increased and can therefore not perform what they were to do perfectly. This can happen especially to public speakers and can intern increase their stress level more.

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