There has been tremendous demand for the internet in India. This includes increasing the number of people using the internet and other online services.

With this in mind, Facebook came up with This is an initiative that at aims improving the ease of internet penetration, through mobile access, it’s important to note that the internet is free. It also provides an online presence for some people for the first time. was launched in collaboration with Reliance Communication (RCOM) earlier in 2015. gained close to 8 Lakhs users just within four months after its launch, this was revealed by Facebook on Monday. Even though the initiative has gained a lot of popularity within a very short time, it only provides free internet to only some selected websites. These are the most crucial websites like Wikipedia and Facebook. meeting has faced lots criticism, social media counterblast the zero tariff plan suggested by Bharti Airtel. Netizens also showed up to criticizes Facebook. The main allegations are that Facebook will being violating net neutrality by providing free internet access.

However Bharti said that they had published a page about facts and myths of with an aim of banishing rumors of violating internet neutrality. The company said it recently posted a myths and facts page about to dispel rumors that it violated net neutrality.

The main goal of zero tariff is to allow a large number of people to access and experience the numerous befits of being online. According to Faceebook data from, more first time net users know how the internet can be of importance to them.


The statistic given by Facebook shows that, has recorded over 8 Lakh users, where 20% were not active internet users.

Facebook plans to extend the service to the rest of the countries in phases. will also be extend to other telecom operates and also include more websites like, travel, jobs, sports, news, maternal health, local government and communication.