Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential piece of any site owner or a digital marketer. This is probably not going to change in the New Year, yet that doesn’t mean you can simply depend on old methodologies. Truth be told, with time we need to update our SEO techniques to be up to date with Google’s forever changing ranking algorithms.

The manner in which individuals use web crawlers, for example, Google changes continually. For instance, in the course of recent years, if the page is not mobile friendly that has a huge impact on the ranking of your content on Google. While no one can tell without a doubt what’s on the horizon, it is conceivable to get a smart thought of what you should concentrate on for the following year.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can rank your articles and website higher on Google with a few basic SEO techniques. Moreover, you can also learn these techniques from books and buy them using AliExpress Discounts. And, if you are an amateur blogger well consider this as a jackpot for you. So, let’s have a look at the 5 Ways to Rank Higher on Google in 2019:

1. Optimize the Speed of your Website

Upgrading your site for fast execution is quite an important factor that Google takes into account when ranking the content of a website. Be that as it may, the significance of this progression bears rehashing. Loading times will without a doubt remain an enormous aspect in 2019, particularly with regards to improving your site’s rankings.

This issue turned out to be much all the more squeezing in 2018, as Google declared it would start considering in page speed for cell phones. This is because of the growth in the increase of use of mobile devices over the last few years and implies that keeping load times short is presently an essential worry for all site proprietors.

Optimizing your media files and proper caching of your website can give a huge boost to the loading speed of your website.

2. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google’s preference to indexing the mobile pages first implies that the web index presently positions pages dependent on their versions intended for mobile phones.

Therefore, optimizing your site for mobiles has become quite essential. In actuality, you’ll have to invest considerably more energy ensuring your versatile site is quick and usable. And, making your website responsive to different devices such as tablets and mobile devices.

For doing so if you have your website designed on WordPress then you can use some plugins to help you set up an AMP page. Moreover, try to not add pop-up ads on your page that will slow down your page and maybe irritate a user.

3. Strong Social Media Presence

Having a solid internet presence is a huge part of ranking high on search engines. Normally, this likewise applies to your SEO methodology. While having a good social media influence doesn’t directly have an impact on the ranking, there seems to be a connection between social media and rankings.

How this function is quite complicated, most definitely, and we won’t get excessively profound into the details here. Do the trick is to state that the more your content is shared, the more traffic your site will probably overcome web indexes. This additionally encourages you to gain backlinks and brand mindfulness since more individuals will see and discuss about your site.

It is essential that you factor in your social media presence while considering SEO. Concentrate on a couple of fundamental stages and keep up a steady system for sharing content and keeping in touch with your followers. This will help you over all territories of your advertising.

4. Maintaining the Technical SEO

Search engine optimization is regularly thought of as a worry selective to content makers and advertisers. The procedure of ‘Technical SEO’ alludes to ensuring your site is perfect with the gauges set via web indexes. Additionally, various books available on this topic and you can make a purchase using Paytm Mall Promo Code.

Two noteworthy parts of technical SEO that we’ve effectively addressed incorporate page speed and mobile responsiveness. In any case, another significant thought is site security. For example, Google currently expects every site to have an HTTPS certificate to ensure that the website is secure for its users.

These are only a couple of the components that fall under the technical SEO umbrella. So, here are a couple of extra angles you’ll need to consider:

Site Designing: By structuring your site in a proper manner, you’ll make it simpler for crawlers to inventory and file your pages, which improves your rankings.

Rich Snippets: This is a kind of markup that adds additional data to your pages, making them emerge more in list items.

Copied content: Web indexes punish sites that include a similar substance in more than one area. So, make sure you don’t repeat content again and again on a single page.

These were few tips which might help you in ranking your website comparatively higher in 2019. Although these tips are tested and trusted but do not totally depend only on these tips make sure to try new things and check out the result. Also, providing quality and consistent content to your users should be at utmost priority if you are a relatively new website.